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A Study on the Web Visual Elements Interaction with the Users

Author ZhangYang
Tutor ZhengGang
School Jiangxi Normal University
Course Art of Design
Keywords Web Design Visual Flow People Oriented Interaction with the users
CLC TP393.092
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of the rapid popularization of Internet and newmedia, web site as a new information carrier into people’s life, change people’s way oflife, become one of the mainstream media. With the rapid development of the website,webpage design has become a new field of study design. The present research onwebpage design also has many, but most of them are around the effect of webpagedesign and realization technology, in order to keep up with the human-computerinteraction such a development trend of the times, we should be more interactionbetween the user and the in-depth study on the webpage, the webpage design morerational.Webpage design is different from the traditional information media, it sets thevisual elements of all kinds of static and dynamic, have a natural advantage inattracting users. However, we must see the webpage design in our country is still inthe primary stage of imitation, webpage design style imitation of Europe or Japan andSouth Korea, the lack of Chinese characteristic style of outstanding webpage.Designers in the design process to need technology research and cater to the customer,but ignore the aesthetic and the user experience. To be flashy without substancewebpage design many, lack of innovation. Therefore, from the study in the form ofwebpage visual elements of different gives users the feeling, some good designmethod, guide the webpage design work better, users obtain better visual experiencebecomes the main purpose of the paper.This paper briefly discusses the webpage in China’s development and popularity,fully demonstrates the importance and necessity to study the webpage design. At thesame time analyzed the defects existed in webpage design stage. Then several kindsof webpage visual elements, respectively expounds their different forms caused bydifferent effects; the last chapter expounds some principles we should pay attention toin webpage design, webpage design is to have a clear purpose, must keep pace withthe times, keep pace with the times, according to the webpage content reasonablypage layout, page to maintain good balance, to simplify, avoid trivial and complicated.Believe that through this research on the webpage visual elements tocommunicate with the user, can provide a theoretical basis for designers in the designof webpage, helps the designer to design the user more satisfaction with the website,can help enterprises to transfer their information more effectively, this study willenrich the theory of webpage design.

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