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The Minimalist Webpage Interface Design Based on Visual Experience

Author LiJing
Tutor ZengJianYou
School China University of Geosciences
Course Art of Design
Keywords Webpage Interface Minimalism Visual Experience Information TransferEfficiency
CLC TP393.092
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The modern age is an information age, along with the diversification of media, the information content increased gradually and fills every corner of our life. In this situation, a lot of meaningful visual information makes people feel visual fatigue. So more and more people want to have a simple or clear visual environment, especially webpage interface, which is the important platform of the information transfer, not only should have the good information architecture and valuable information, but also should be provided with the visual eye-catching and beautiful visual design, which are the important factors to an excellent website. As a good visual experience not only content the needs of users, but also can bring the user to create a pleasant mood, at the same time, the users can get a resonance between physical and mental. In this case, In this case, the "minimalist" design which is widely praised by the design community was applied to the webpage interface design. Minimalist design style is a kind of eliminating redundant elements, color, shape and texture. Its purpose is to make the content of them stand out and become the central issue. From a visual point of view, minimalist design means to calm and thinking back to nature, it can give users a comfortable visual experience when use it to the web design.In this paper, based on the visual experience of minimalist design style of the webpage interface is analyzed. According to the user’s visual experience psychological, aesthetic, emotional factors, as well as the user’s visual habits, analyzes the existing problems in today’s webpage interface visual effect. First of all, the lack of content in a webpage interface and the more visual elements make the whole page appear desultorily, the webpage interface ignores the user reading viewing comfort and pleasure, the surface of the rich and practical hollow interface constantly challenge to the user’s patience. In addition, many web site too much emphasis on technology and neglect the artistic webpage interface. With the constant optimization and upgrade of new media technology, some new technology can make a site walk in the forefront of technology. Open one webpage interface, interface is varied and has dazzling technical effect, but it is not for its own good technology, its existence in order to accurately transfer website information. Based on these problems, summarizes the minimalist design style used in the design of the webpage interface is a good form.Minimalist design style of the webpage interface has many benefits; one of the most obvious can be shown as:minimalist webpage design usually use less code and web resources. Such as using less of the HTML element, CSS, JavaScript, images, and so on. From a user perspective, minimalist design is one of the most important content to present to the user easily, so as to avoid distracting users. That is to say, if the element of webpage interface is too much, the user browsing the web site will confuse and misunderstanding the priority of each element. For users in the use of the site is in the viewing rather than reading, they only focus on the information they need as well as the images associated with this information, and the complicated link and instructions are not needed by the users, and also slow the progress of the users to browse the site. Therefore, in the process of webpage interface design, the measures can be taken through hiding or removing some elements to reduce the complexity of the interface, which is to reduce the complexity of visual perception. This is because the success of a webpage interface design has important relationship to the visual effects. In people’s lives,80%of the information from the visual input, visual effect is an important factor to obtain customers.Visual experience is an important factor that should be considered in the design process of the webpage interface. It is the first important experience when the user enters into the interface; this has a certain effect whether the user can successfully complete the access tasks. From the point of view of cognitive psychology and aesthetic, a good visual effect can give users a good experience, this can cause strong concern of users quickly, and a keen interest, so as to be able to successfully complete the task.Visual experience can be said to be an aesthetic need. In today’s society, we continue to meet people’s material life, and the pursuit of spiritual life was increasing at the same time, as a spiritual needs, the aesthetic needs can not only be able to offer a pleasant and comfortable mood, but also to cultivate users’ sentiment. Visual experience is the departure from the point of view of the art aesthetic, analyze users’ emotional and aesthetic needs, and continue to improve the spiritual needs of users. If the disturbance of webpage interface visual is reduced to a minimum, then the whole interface is simple and easy to understand, easy to use.Webpage design use a number of visual elements to convey information to users and aesthetic purposes, these visual elements including color, format, images, text and so on. In order to make the web page able to get good information transfer performance, we use a minimalist performance practices, this approach can make the web page readable and innovative personality visual effects. The webpage interface designer should fully understand the physiological and psychological characteristics of the user visual recognition process, and strive to achieve very simplified design of visual elements of webpage interface design.Through this very simplified design, we can maintain a certain order and rhythm in size, space, and location of information elements on the page, and reach a rhythmic beauty, at the same time to ensure that users have a carefree and reasonable visual process, and allow users access to psychological pleasure and satisfaction. So the webpage interface can obtain higher information transfer efficiency. The webpage interface is a web site window to convey information to users, in other words, it is designed based on a function of the transmission of information. Therefore, evaluating a webpage interface successful or not, depend on its transmission efficacy of information. By analyzing these visual elements of webpage interface, we can know that the effect of information transfer is affected by color, format, images, and text, interactive and so on. Then the visual elements of a webpage interface is more, does not mean that it can convey more information, does not mean that the higher transfer efficiency.Therefore, minimalist design style is to use very few elements to create a good visual effect and effective information transfer efficiency. From the visual angle of view, the information follow the instinct desire of a man can be conveyed in the person’s characteristic and under the premise of instinct, this information can make the user’s understanding and recognition like breathing without thinking. At the same time, it will bring higher transfer efficiency.

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