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Design and Realization of Information Navigation System Based on the Campus Network

Author YuLeiLei
Tutor YuanGanNan
School Harbin Engineering University
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords Lucene Nutch IK-Analyzer MapReduce Distributed Storage
CLC TP393.18
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Into the21st century, along with the rapid development of electronic informationtechnology, network information, the popularity of the Internet technology ushered in anunprecedented development opportunity. Growing of network information resources not onlyto provide people with more convenient access to a wealth of knowledge, and to speed up thedissemination and exchange of information, and also brings limitless convenience for thepeople’s work and daily life. Through the Internet, people can find almost any information totheir needs. However, in the face of such a vast network of resources, how to be able toquickly and accurately find accurate information of each user’s needs become particularlyimportant. To solve the above problem, the emergence and development of the search enginetechnology to provide users with the best solution. Users access to search services providedby the network interface page, enter what you want to query keywords, you can quickly andaccurately a collection of related web pages retrieved sort results.This particular network environment for the campus network, however, due to thebandwidth limitations of the network import and export, match the network update cycledifferences, common search service can not be overwritten each page to the campus network.The campus network users using the universal search elements campus network resources toretrieve their own needs, and difficult to get satisfactory results. With the educationalresources of the institutions and its enrollment continues to expand, more and more usersaccess to the resources of the campus network. The method provides a fast and easy access tocurrent campus network has become particularly urgent. This system is based on the schoolcampus network data resource development, campus network web site search page interfaceintegration. The system provides users a unified search interface, reducing the different siteswith different retrieval interface cumbersome. The campus network users simply visit theoriginal search page, enter any demand query keywords, you can quickly locate the campusnetwork matching Web links sorted results.Paper first introduces the basic principle and main technology of the network navigationinformation system, based on the design objectives and development principles, the wholesystem is divided crawl data, link analysis, indexing and retrieval Sort by four majorfunctional modules designed research. The system uses the open source Lucene as corenetwork data crawler Nutch as the system engine architecture, combined with theIK-Analyzer Chinese word segmentation component analysis and processing of text information using Lucene internal indexing mechanism for indexing Web links provide usersfast accurate retrieval services. The same time the system uses the the Hadoop frameworkapplications MapReduce technology to achieve distributed storage of data, and parallelcomputing, and enhance the data processing capacity of the entire system, and reduces thesystem hardware configuration requirements., The basic realization of the purpose andrequirements early in the design for the imperfections of the system, and at the same time atthe end of the article, the analysis shows, the next step to further improve system proposedrequirements.

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