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Research and Application on Live High Definition Video Transmission Scheme Based on Campus Network

Author DuChunYan
Tutor SunMingSong
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Applied Computer Technology
Keywords High-definition video broadcast cascade control single point offailure network status Network Simulator Version2
CLC TP393.18
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the continuing upgrading of the campus network equipment, videoapplications in campus network have penetrated into our teaching and research,work and study as well as all aspects of daily life. However, the rate of high-definition video is relatively high, the bandwidth needed is also critical, and theschool network equipment has left a lot of problems in the process of upgrading,all that made the overall network bandwidth quite poor. So how to build thetransmission between the main equip ment and end-users to meet the high-resolution real-time multimedia content has become a challenging problem.Under the school network coverage is basically stable, in order to improvevideo picture quality without increasing network load, according to thecharacteristics of school network structure, analy zing the key technology in thedata transmission process, the paper put forward a live video transmission systemwith strong concurrent ability, high real-time, high-definition and stability, whichbased on multi-level software multicast ideas. The system has given a detaileddesign in the data distribution, data transmission control strategy and datareception, covering the distribution strategy based o n node type, the resolution ofsingle point of failure, the scheme of distributed deployment, the methods ofbandwidth distribution, the detection of network state, rate control, solving thekey problems in the prototype system, and demonstrating some solutions optimal.Aimed at the cascade control levels and the bandwidth distribution, the paper hasa deep discussion and given the corresponding algorithm, which solved in acertain extent problems of the congestion, rate mismatch and delay.To analyze and compare the advantages and disadvantages between the proposed transmission model in the paper and the traditional unicast and thecampus constrained P2P model as well as to demonstrate the feasibility andcorrectness of the model, the paper simulated the network environment for thecascade control strategy by using NS2(Network Simulator Version2) simulator.To start with, the paper described the configuration parameters of NS2simulator,next proposed the methods and objectives of using NS2to validate, simulatednon-cascade and multi-level cascade problems one by one, and analyzed the finalresults; in addition obtained what should pay attention in practical applications.Finally, the cascade control strategy is used successfully to live video acrossseveral campus districts in the60th anniversary celebration of our school, andthen it demonstrated convincingly the possibility and feasibility of the high-definition video transmission in campus network.

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