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Implementation and Design of Model Predictive Controller on Ball and Plate System

Author LeiWenLong
Tutor QiuLianKui
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords PID control fuzzy control prediction control pate and ballsystem
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Ball and plate system is a typical multi-variable plant, which is the two-dimensional extension of the traditional ball and beam problems, and a two-input two-output nonlinear control system. The control object of it is a flat panel whose axis of rotation perpendicular to one another, and control target is to get a free rolling balls can balance in a specific position on the board or along the trajectory. Its nonlinear and multivariable characteristics is especially suitable for the development and experimental verification of new control method and is a standard test-bed of classical control theory, modern control theory and advanced control theory research. Predictive control is a new type of advanced control computer algorithm appeared in the late1970. At first in order to meet the need of process control system such as the oil industry and power systems, it has been widely used in oil and chemical products, food processing, metallurgy and paper making up to now and begins to apply in the servo control. Model predictive control as advanced control strategy is used most widely and most successful, has good control effect, strong anti-jamming, strong robustness and so on.This paper describes the plate and ball system research significance and the research present situation in detail, the development and research status of the model predictive control and predict function control. Through the analysis of mechanical structure of plate and ball system, a simplified mathematical model is present. The overall control structure of plate and ball system is raised. A analysis of the basic control structure and basic principle, advantages and disadvantages of predictive control is given. Application of predictive function control is derived in detail steps. Matlab control simulation,Using PID, PD and the fuzzy predictive control method, for a simplified mathematical model of plate and ball system is done. Through compare simulation results of the predictive function control algorithm with PID and fuzzy PD control can know which method is better. Build the plate and ball system in order the device selection, the hardware design and the software design

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