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The Design and Engineering Application of Sapphire Fiber Blackbody Cavity Temperature Measurement Instrument

Author GuoWeiPing
Tutor WangGao; GuoShuai
School University of North
Course Instrumentation Engineering
Keywords Sapphire fiber blackbody cavity High temperature instrument Thecoefficient of calibration
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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As an important part in the field of temperature measurement,Sapphire FiberBlackbody Cavity temperature sensor have obtained a rapid development in recentdecades. The related scientific studies on this research are emerging in an endlessstream. It is widely adopted in various fields such as metallurgy, steel and chemicalindustry. Especially it possessed obvious strengths in some military temperaturemeasurement fields like the gun bore, explosion temperature and aerospace industry.There are lots of disadvantageous factors affecting the temperature measurement,including complicated circumstances, poor conditions, temperature variation, etc. Thetemperature measurement in this condition is critical about sensor; however, SapphireFiber Blackbody Cavity temperature sensor is capable of temperature measurementunder special condition. It opens up a new way for research in transient temperaturemeasurement under special condition.The measurement system of Sapphire Fiber temperature sensor is based on thestable and secure condition in the laboratory. The measurement system is hugenessand inconvenient for installment. The mobility is bad and is inconvenient to carry.There is an urgent need for portable devices of Sapphire measurement sensor system.And it needs to be widely applied to temperature measurement in engineeringpractices. Therefore, this present research has significant meaning for repeatabilityand convenience in temperature measurement.Based on the previous study of North University of China in the past years on thestatic and dynamic calibration of Sapphire Fiber Blackbody Cavity temperature sensor,to begin with, the forming theory of Sapphire temperature measurement instrumenthas been deeply analyzed. Then, the principle and design thinking of Sapphiretemperature measurement instrument has been described. The Sapphire temperature measurement instrument based on Micro Controller Unit is designed by discussing allthe parts of Sapphire temperature measurement instrument in details. Then theexperiments are done by means of this instrument. The experiment shows thattemperature curve is smooth and flat. The research program achieves its goals ofmaking the instrument portable. It filled the void of making instrument of Sapphirefiber temperature sensor. The engineering application feasibility of the instrument hasbeen analyzed further. A lot of experiments on calibration coefficient of Sapphirefiber temperature sensor have been done. The corresponding relationship of thetemperature and voltage has been gotten simultaneously. In addition, the mutualinquiry function between temperature and voltage is achieved by Matlab GUI.The feature and error analysis of the flame temperature is explored in the lastpart of this paper. Merits and faults of the Sapphire temperature measurementinstrument are summarized. Finally, the prospect of the research direction and thefollowing work in Sapphire temperature measurement instrument has been described.

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