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Design and implementation of the short range active defense system in the central controller based on DSP

Author ShenLei
Tutor ZhangDengFeng
School Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords ultra-short-range Active Protection System central controller circular EFPmodule Mat-lab pneumatic servo platform DSP CPLD
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Ultra-short-range active protection system plays a vital role in the defense of tanks and armored vehicles. The current ultra-short-range active defense system can not meet the actual combat defense requirements of armored vehicles, especially intercepting the high-speed kinetic energy projectile. This paper presents a new type of ultra-short-range active protection system, and introduces a new type of intercepting warhead module and the corresponding pneumatic servo mechanism, finally designs a circular EFP ultra-short-range active protection system central controller.According to the current research status of ultra-short-range active protection systems, as well as the development and application of servo platform and its control system, a new type of ring EFP pneumatic servo ultra-short-range active protection system is adopted in the paper. By analyzing the performance and function of the system, the circular EFP module and the pneumatic servo platform which meet the requirements of the system are introduced, and overall design scheme of the central controller is also given. Meanwhile, this paper establishes the intercepting model of fire control system, and describes the processing algorithm of radar data and the principle of the servo platform space coordinate conversion.The central controller uses a co-processor architecture of DSP and CPLD. DSP is mainly responsible for the radar data processing, the calculation of intercept information and data storage, while the CPLD are mainly responsible for data acquisition and servo control platform. Therefore, the hardware circuit consists of a DSP main controller circuit (communication module circuit, boost multi-point initiation circuit, memory expansion module circuit and display circuit module); a CPLD co-processor circuit (sensor, conditioning circuit and ADC acquisition circuit and servo platform control circuit); and a power management circuit (24V,15V,5V,3.3V and1.9V). Correspondingly, the software DSP C language program and CPLD VHDL language program are designed.Finally, by utilizing the Mat-lab, simulation analysis was carried out for the intercepting probability model of the system, and each part of the central controller,the hardware and software are debugging and testing. Above all, the simulation and experimental results show that each module in the system can work properly and achieve the expected goals, which verifies the feasibility of the system.

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