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Design of Embedded Servo Control System

Author LiuYang
Tutor WangXianJun
School Graduate Schoo,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Course Mechanical and Electronic Engineering
Keywords DC torque motor C8051F121 PWM bipolar IPM Kalman filter disturbance observer
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the DC torque motor in the mechanical processing, CNC machine toolsand aerospace and other fields widely used, the demand for its servo control systemis also growing, and the servo control system versatility, maneuverability andstability requirements also increasing. Based on these demand generation embeddedservo control system is more developed, these systems are generally used for betterinteractive experience, a more comprehensive functionality. In order to achieveexcellent control performance and user experience, must be from several aspects ofembedded servo control system for detailed study.Firstly, embedded servo control system control subjects were studied in depth.By analysis of different dynamic equilibrium equation of state of the motor, thephysical model is established; the system model is identified through step responsemethod and frequency method as the basis for designing the control system; increaseamount of PID control algorithm is developed by basic digital PID control algorithm;thesis compares brush DC torque motor bipolar and unipolar PWM drive tworeversible drive ways, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of two drivenapproach and application environments.Secondly, according to the above research laboratories equipped for the designof embedded servo motor control system. Controller and the drive hardware circuitincludes: PWM configuration circuitry, safety protection circuit, PWM amplifiercircuit, etc., where the controller is based on the C8051F121design; communicationprotocol design includes: controller and encoder communication protocols and controllers and PC the communication protocol; according to system functions andcommunication protocols designed controller system program.Finally, a large number of experiments verify embedded servo control systemfunctional reliability, program stability and hardware circuit stability. Meanwhile, thesystem also achieved a satisfactory user experience, to achieve a multi-mode motion,real-time motion status monitoring, online system parameter changes and otherconvenient features. Without the aid of other tools, motor system model can beidentified by step response method and frequency method.To improve the performance of the motor low-speed, disturbance observerdesign based on Kalman filtering algorithm is studied. By changing the equation ofstate of the motor, using MATLAB and making use of the disturbance observer inthe control loop, simulation experiment verify that disturbance observer designbased on Kalman filtering algorithm can improve the controlling performancecompared with the traditional PID control algorithm.

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