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The Programing and Development of Automatic Control System for Alpha Gypsum Powder Production Line

Author ZuoXingFei
Tutor MengQingJin
School Jinan University
Course Control Engineering
Keywords alpha gypsum powder Distributed Control System AC800F Debugging
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Industrial gypsum powder processing applications is in accordance with industrial policyof national sustainable development, that is the event benefiting the country and a major. Theproduct after the treatment is mainly α-type of gypsum powder and β-type of gypsum powder.β-type gypsum powder production process is relatively simple and it has been very mature athome and abroad. α-type gypsum powder relative to β-type gypsum powder, its Productionprocess more complicated and mainly Include dry and wet two ways. At present, the domesticproduction of alpha gypsum powder basically obtained by dry production, but the productobtained by this method is a mixture and product performance indicators is unstable. α-type ofgypsum powder by wet production can control the growth of crystal form in the productionprocess, to obtain a strength of up to50~100Mpa gypsum. α-type of gypsum powder iswidely used in the new building materials industry, ceramic industry, precision instrumentsabrasive industries and so on. But at present in china,the only one produced by wet α-gypsumpowder production line is Shandong Jinxin New Building Material Co., Ltd. α-high-strengthgypsum wet production line with an annual output of40,000tons imported from Germany.This article describes the wet α gypsum powder production process totally, analysis ofthe slurry preparation, crystal transformation, drying granulation, finely ground powderselected section of the control characteristics and control requirements, according to KingentaEcological Engineering Co., Ltd. α gypsum powder production line of site conditions andcontrol requirements, For the entire production line has designed a line with on-site technicalrequirements of the distributed control system, including hardware configuration and softwareconfiguration. On-site installation and commissioning, and put into operation.The whole system uses ABB’s IndustrialIT control system, equipped with an engineerstation, four operator stations and a process station controller of choice is a pair of redundantAC800F controller. Hardware configuration some of the major statistical tables completepoint number, module selection and number of statistics, counter and wiring diagrams design.System uses a set of upper and lower computer programming software integration CBFsoftware, programming primarily to complete the project tree establishment, module channeldistribution, control procedures for the preparation and monitoring of the configuration screen.According to the specific requirements of each section, using a different controlstrategies. Crystal transformation section is to control the entire production line points anddifficulties of its single-loop PID temperature control; and this section of the slurrydistribution channels is likely to cause blockage, do a set of procedures for the automaticcontrol of cleaning water. Slurry preparation, slurry density, there are strict requirements, thepart we use the ratio of double-loop control of the flow of gypsum powder as the main flow,water flow as a deputy traffic so gypsum powder and water can get stable control. Put intooperation, on-site problems were summarized after each extraction system runs continuouslycontrol the amount of real-time data, analysis, control of temperature and pressure to makereasonable suggestions.

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