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Study on Structure and Performance Evaluation of Intelligent Measurement and Control System

Author LiuXiaoDong
Tutor YangBaoQing
School Dalian Jiaotong University
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Intelligent Measurement and Control System Logical Structure Intelligence System Performance Evaluation Personification Theory D-S EvidenceTheory
CLC TP273.5
Type PhD thesis
Year 2012
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As a large complex system with multi-function and multi-task, the intelligent measurement and control system is involved in a number of disciplines and professional fields, so the system design is very important. With the diversified requirements and the increasingly enriched software and hardware resources, more and more specific intelligent measurement and control systems have been formed for different applications, which makes the related theory research of general structure about the intelligent measurement and control system very difficult. On the other hand, the exiting performance evaluation theory of intelligent measurement and control system is still not mature, and the exiting evaluation solutions have some limitations. In this background, this paper studies the theory and practices exploration of the logical structure modeling, the intelligent performance, the establishment of evaluation index system and the comprehensive performance evaluation of intelligent measurement and control system, in order to provide basis for sustainable research and development of system. The main research contents and abstracted innovative points are as follows:Firstly, the paper has discussed the connotation of the intelligent measurement and control system. Its universal applications, complex designs, diverse demands and such characteristics have decided the diversity and uncertainty of system structure composition. From the essential characteristics, this paper studies the system function, extracts the general rules, and expounds a kind of reasonable definition for generalized intelligent measurement and control system, which lays a foundation for the profound research of its structure composition and performance evaluation.This paper proposes a general logical structure USR model of intelligent measurement and control system based on the humanized theory. Considering the characteristics of humanized theory and the present typically examples of the intelligent measurement and control system, this paper establishes the USR model by the humanized theory, gives the definition of USR system model, and discusses the connotation of the three model elements including structural unit set U, service set S, relationship set R, etc. The merits and the problems to be solved by this model are analyzed. It takes the intelligent measurement and control system as an organic integrity constituted by each part, and makes the formalization descriptions by the system structure and operation mechanism, which can be used as a starting point of the high-level analysis and evaluation of system.This paper studies the intelligence characteristic. An intelligent measurement and control system can be distinguished from a general measurement and control system by the intelligence characteristic. This paper analyzes the intelligence connotation and expounds the typical applications of the intelligent methods to structure units such as the sense unit, the analysis processing unit, the knowledge system and the expression unit, etc. With the intelligent arc pressure adjustable high system as an application example, this paper explains the application of intelligent fuzzy control algorithm. With respect to the evaluation of system intelligent level, this paper carries on the humanized algorithm, and discusses the intelligent level evaluation method for intelligent measurement and control system based on the improved deviation intelligence quotient algorithm, which provides the theory basis and technology method for thoroughly understanding of intelligent characteristic.This paper builds up a new comprehensive performance evaluation index system for the intelligent measurement and control system. According to the principle of system scientificity, operationality, combination of quantitative index and qualitative index, this index system contains6decision indexes and15basic indexes on the basis of division of system logical structure. The index system can fully reflect its comprehensive performance. Then this paper expounds the calculation methods of each evaluation index and determines the weight of each index by AHP method.This paper proposes a system performance evaluation method by the D-S evidence reasoning theory. This performance evaluation of intelligent measurement and control system belongs to a complex multi-objective decision problem. Based on the characteristics of system such as assessment information polyphyletism, parameter uncertainty and parameter fuzziness etc, this paper takes ERA theory to evaluate, which has the advantage of D-S theory, utility theory, and fuzzy theory etc. This evaluation method can effectively deal with the problem with the unknown and uncertain parameter information of intelligent measurement and control system. This paper analyses the evaluation algorithm, and establishes the ERA comprehensive performance evaluation model. The response information fusion processing method is given with respect to the assessment information polyphyletism.Finally, in the direction of above logic structure analysis and comprehensive performance evaluation method, this paper selects two typical examples of the intelligent measurement and control system for the analysis and theoretical verification. The well operation intelligent monitoring system is selected as an example to analyze the logic structure, and the logic structure USR model is established by the humanized theory, which verifies the effectiveness of the logic structure model based on humanized theory. At the same time, taking computer mouse labyrinth tracing system as the background, this paper selects three kinds of design plans designed by our team as examples to establish the evidence theory ERA evaluation model and finish system comprehensive evaluation. Research shows that the evaluation result is reasonable, and this ERA evaluation method can effectively solve the problem of the performance comprehensive evaluation of intelligent measurement and control system, which has certain significance for the further research of intelligent measurement and control system and related fields.

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