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The Development of Configuration Software for Monitoring and Controlling Based on C#

Author WangGuang
Tutor QiuJianBin
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Control Science and Engineering
Keywords Configuration-software Real-time system Graphics Database Communication component
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The configuration software is an automation software platform applied inindustrial control systems, which can generate a application system withoutprogramming. The configuration software will be required widely in automatedtransformation process of some small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises.However, the current domestic and foreign software products are generallybeyond the capacity of enterprises for their expensive cost and functional redundancy.The gap is filled through the development of miniative configuration software withlow cost, moderate function, reliable operation. In this paper, a new scheme ofconfiguration software is designed use C#language to satisfy the requirements.Based on the research and analysis of technical features and design idea for thecurrent mainstream configuration software products, the configuration softwareframework in this paper is divided into graphics system, real-time system, externalprogram system, communication module system, historical database. Especially thereal-time system is the core of whole software. The function of graphics generation,editing, animation connection, graphic script is realized with MVC mode as thedesign structure in the development of the graphics system. Furthermore, thegraphics library is developed. The real-time kernel data organization and real-timetransaction scheduling and concurrency control are deeply researched in thedevelopment of real-time system, the function modules of database script and alarmmanagement are also developed. The preservation and finding of historical data,displaying through graphics, printing and other functions are achievedusing a relational database for historical database of the configuration software. Thethird-party program interface of configuration software is realized by developing anexternal programming system using the windows dynamic link library and globalmemory technology. In order to enable users to develop their own hardware- driver programs out-line and can add the programs dynamically to the configurationsoftware. The abstract organizations and communication scheduling process arestudies, a communications component system are also developed in this article.Furthermore, communications components provide users with the driverdevelopment package. The driver programs according with the communicationprotocol can be developed rapidly using development package by users.Finally, the performance of the configuration software developed in this paper istested under experiment circumstance. The test results show that the configurationsoftware is convenient to operate, and reliable to run. Eventually, the configurationsoftware is validated in a tannery wastewater treatment system.

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