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Development of Automatic Towel Hemming Machine Control System

Author ZhaoXu
Tutor WangXueJun
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords Towel Hemming Machine Controller Serial communication
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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With the development of society, the growing demand for towel, China is towelproduction country, but also not towel production powerhouse. Compared to the towelindustry in our country and abroad there is still some problems such as smallproduction scale, the lack of designer and independent innovation ability, mostenterprises do not have a key property right of self-service technology, they can onlyimprove their competitive advantage by introducing, therefore it is necessary torecommend sewing machine independently.Based on analyzing the principles of the towel edge automatic sewing machinecontrol system,developed a universal controller, controller with ARM7control chip asthe core, compatible with Mitsubishi PC software, can realize the program download,operation and monitoring. Towel sewing machine control system automaticallycompletes the towels’ feeding, hemming and sewing processes, Realize the towelfrom semi-finished products to the finished production automatically, reduces laborintensity, improves the production efficiency of towels at the same time. The mainresearch contents:(1) Controller hardware design, selects STM32F103RBT6as the master controlchip, the chip integrates FLASH, RAM, TIMER, USART, uses CD4094and CD4021as the main controller I/O expansion module chip, realize the digital input and output,not only saves hardware resources, and make it easy for chip-level, easy to I/O portexpansion.(2) Controller software design, controller software uses the C programminglanguage, modular design, controller software is divided into downloading,implementing and monitoring programs. Download program is responsible fordownloading the programs of automatic towel hemming machine to FLASH,Implement program is responsible for explaining the program which downloaded toFLASH,and achieving its control purpose through the external execution unit,Monitoring program is responsible for putting the data PC needs in the designatedplace according to certain rules, sents to PC by serial communication.(3) Serial communication, system uses serial communication module, completesthe communication between PC and controller,realizes the purposes of system executive program downloaded and controller condition monitoring.(4) Design of automatic towel hemming machine control system,the automatictowel hemming machine control system is divided into three parts, compiles thecontrol program according to each part’s function and the I/O signal, control programuses ladder-diagram form, PC download to controller through serial communication,controller translates the program into the corresponding C language instruction,ultimately reaches to the purpose of control by external implementation unit.

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