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Research on Hitting Force Distribution Test System of High-pressure Water-jet Based on the Conductive Rubber

Author LiZhanNi
Tutor LiuLiHong
School Anhui University of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords high-pressure water-jet hitting force distribution conductive rubber LabVIEW
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Being one of the executive elements for the high-pressure water-jet generating device, the nozzle is the most critical component in the application of high-pressure water-jet. Hitting force distribution is the important performance parameter of the nozzle. Testing jet hitting force distribution has great significance to matching different nozzles、reasonably matching jet parameters、improving nozzle and developing new type nozzle in different applications of high-pressure water-jet. Therefore, hitting force distribution test system of high-pressure water-jet is researched in this paper. The following work is mainly done:Firstly, hitting force distribution test system of high-pressure water-jet at home and abroad is understood. Generally, there are two ways:one is that some pressure sensors are arranged in the injection region; the other is that driving a sensor for different routes of movement. Because of the traditional sensor structure size is larger, the test accuracy of the former is not high; the test system of the later is relatively complex, sensor cost is very high. A new hitting force distribution test system of more economical and more reasonable is proposed in this subject.Secondly, conductive rubber is selected as sensitive material of the sensor in this test system. Using its piezoresistive properties, a sensor array containing nine conductive rubber strip and sensor detection circuit board are developed. After eliciting by detection circuit board, through acquisition card (USB-6229), sensor array is connected to the PC. Hardware part of the entire hitting force distribution test system of high-pressure water jet is constructed. The data collection, storage, processing and display program are written by DAQ assistant and the underlying VI in Lab VIEW software. And the software part of the hitting force distribution test system is build. Conductive rubber sensor is calibrated. Curve fitting of the input-output characteristics of the sensor is done by using the LabVIEW software, linear relationship between force-resistance is got.Finally, based on the experiment apparatus of our school high-pressure water-jet institute, the hitting force distribution of the rotating jet nozzle was tested by the build test system. The analysis and processing of the experiment data is by using LabVIEW software coming with the digital filtering and wavelet noise reduction, and three dimensional figure of rotating jet hitting force distribution is mapped out. It is showed that the rotating jet hitting force distribution is characteristics of "M"-type by the experiment results, and the feasibility of this design is verified.

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