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Wire Rope On-line Detection System Design Based on DSP

Author WangXing
Tutor XuQiaoYu
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course Measuring Technology and Instruments
Keywords Weak magnetic detection DSP IIR filter The man-machine interface
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Steel wire rope is widely used in industries and departments of national economyas an important part of the traction load. However, it will cause major property damageand casualties in case of broken rope accident. But due to the complex structure andbad running environment, it is difficult to detect the wire rope damage. Therefore, it isurgently to develop wire rope detection system which is effective to detect thelocalized fault and loss of metallic cross-sectional area for ensuring safe operation ofwire rope.This paper put forwards wire rope detection system based on DSP which useweak magnetic field detection to identify the damage of wire rope. Firstly, this paperintroduces the principle of wire rope weak magnetic detection, and the wire ropedamage method. Secondly, this paper designs the hardware system of wire ropedetection system. The hardware system consists of a sensor and encoder input part,data processing with DSP as the core part and LCD as the core of data output section.The wire rope damage information was collected by weak magnetic sensor, andprocessed by DSP after A/D conversion, then the damage information was displayedon the LCD screen. Encoder provides damage location information. According thefunction of hardware system, this paper completes the DSP circuit, power supplymodule, signal acquisition module, data storage with SD card, USB communicationinterface, encoder, keyboard input, LCD display module circuit. The hardware systemis compact compared with similar products, However it is powerful and easy to carry,completely satisfying the requirements of wire rope on-line detection system forhardware.Secondly, this paper writes system’s software system with transplanting FatFs filesystem and writing the GUI graphical display system. It realizes the results of wirerope detection displayed on the LCD screen in real time. According to the needs of thewire rope detection field use, the software system was divided into four functionmodules such as "detection record query","state of the system Settings","online detection","software system information" and so on. each function module isindependent, the software system ‘s structure is clear, convenient for user operation,and improves the human-computer interaction.Last but not the least, to be test the ability of detecting the wire rope ‘s damage,We do Wire rope nondestructive flaw detection experiment. The experiment showsthat the system can effectively detect localized fault and loss of metallic cross-sectional area. Test results is consistent with the actual damage. The wire ropedetection system reaches design requirement, and achieve the desired goal.

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