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The On-machine Measurement System Development Based on UG

Author GuanYunPeng
Tutor WangYiWen
School Harbin University of Science and Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords CNC machine tools On-machine measurement system UGsecondary development The selection of the measuring points
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of manufacturing technologies and precisionmeasurement technology, it requires faster and more accurate to measure thework-piece. Manual measurement and off-line measurement which arerepresented by the coordinate measuring machines are two common ways ofmeasurement, and these two kinds of measuring methods gradually show itsshortcomings and weakness. Manual measurement is random and inefficient forprocessing data, and carrying and re-installing of the work-piece is necessarybefore the measurement in off-line measurement which wastes time and increaseserrors as well. The manufacturing industry is developing rapidly to be faster andmore accurate, thanks to the on-machine measurement system make up for theweakness of the above two methods, and fundamentally improve the efficiency ofprocessing and the accuracy of CNC machine tools.Because of both domestic and overseas development and the projectrequirements, this article introduces the on-machine measurement system whichachieve by installing the special probe and signal receiving unit on the CNCmachine tool to work with the computer. This article first makes a briefintroduction about the hardware and software composition of on-machinemeasurement system. According to the different characteristics of measuredobject are classified,, discussing the measurement point selection, location anddistribution of the objects, and combine with this method to achieve themeasurement point selection and measurement procedures, automaticallygenerating in the measurement software by using of VC++and UG secondarydevelopment language.Aiming at the error analysis algorithm of on-machine measurement, severalgeometric elements fitting methods based on selection, location and distributionof the objects are proposed, fitting to compensation after the measurement data, compared with the original theoretical model, then it provides a theoretical basisfor error evaluation. By using VC++and UG secondary development languageincorporated in the on-machine measuring software so that it can process themeasurement error automatically and improve the calculation efficiency.Through the comparison of on-machine measurement and COMET—L3Dtrials, the feasibility and accuracy of the measurement system and measurementmethods were verified. The application of this on-machine measurement system,fundamentally improve the machining efficiency and precision, to a certainextent, saving the production cost for enterprises, improving the productqualified rate.

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