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Research on Elecrical Loading Test System for Limited-angle Rotational Torque Motor

Author XieHaiBing
Tutor ShaoDongXiang
School Harbin Institute of Technology
Course Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Keywords torque motor electrical loading test system disturbance torque principle of feedforward compensation
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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The actuator is a key component in aircrafts’ navigation control systems suchas airplanes, ships, missiles and torpedoes and it’s performance directly determinesthe handling performance and accuracy of aircrafts. With the increasing demand ofdynamic performance and control accuracy of actuator, it requires that the testsystem of actuator should also meet this demand. Limited-angle rotational torquemotor is the drive component of new electric actuator. Loading test system to motor,whose quality and performance directly affects and restricts the motor’sperformance indicators, is a essential key test equipment for motor’s development.Therefore, it is necessary to develop a set of high-precision motor test equipmentfor a comprehensive understanding of the motor’s performance before flight test ofaircrafts. This thesis establishes an electrical loading test system for limited-anglerotational torque motor and studies its key technologies, which has certainsignificance in engineering practice and theoretical research.First of all, this thesis analyzes the research status of actuator at home andabroad and determines the overall scheme of electrical loading test syst em based onthe motor’s test items and indicators. As a result, corresponding implementationplans are designed and the key components are selected and designed.Then, the mechanical structure, electric control circuit, communications andcontrol software of the test system are designed. Static stress of motor bearings andmodal of the platform of motor installation and adjustment are analyzed usingANSYS and the key technologies of software are also designed. The hardware andsoftware platform of the test system are built and motor loading test automaticallyare realized.Finally, the mathematical model of the motor loading test system is establishedbased on the device selection and mechanical structure design. The model is dividedinto loading channel and disturbance channel and the characteristics of the twochannels are analyzed. Characteristics of disturbance torque and impact on systemcharacteristics of stiffness and inertia of mechanical connecting links are studied.Differential forward PID control algorithm is adopted to calibrate system’s stability and principle of feedforward compensation is used to eliminate the impact ofdisturbance torque. The simulation results show that the above algorithm canlargely eliminate the influence of disturbance torque and improve trackingperformance and loading accuracy of the loading test system.

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