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The Research of Online Testing Method for Uniformity of Insulation Layer on Communication Cable

Author TianTian
Tutor ZuLongQi
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems
Keywords Extrusion machine AC servo control system PLC PT
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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With the feathered development of communication and networks,the needs for thecommunication cable is highly increased,while the assurance of the communication cable’squality is an important work for every cable factory to slove.The complex construction ofcable is make up by packaged multilayer,multipair cable and shielding layer, in theproductive process,it is machined by multiway process,while the uniformity of the thicknessof insulating layer of the communication cable is an important technique index to guarantee ifthe communication cable have good machineries and physical properties.The major research of this project is aim at the problems about the dynamic testing andthe uniformity of cable insulation layer in mostproductive process of communication cables.According to IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission)61156-6communicationscable standard provides:the standard range of communication cable insulation layer thicknessis0.7mm~1.3mm,Beyond this range, the communication cables will be deemed asnon-conforming products. The most important process in the cable production is the extrusionmolding,that is to coat the outermost layer of multi-core cable on rubber insulation layer,thethickness of the insulating layer is determined by the extrusion machine, However, as thecommunication cables will produce vibration in the drawn process,the nose of the extruderwould make migration, migration is the most reason to make the uneven distribution of theradial direction distribution of the thickness of rubber insulating layer. The contents of thisproject is to monitor the extruder head,make sure that in the process of the communicationcable broaching, keep the offset within the allowable range of the error. To improve theuniformity of the insulation layer of communication cable.This system can be divided into detection systems and control systems.Detection systemuses a laser displacement sensor, respectively installed in the top and left side of the extruderhead, used to detect the distance from the sensor to the extruder head.The control is mainlyuse OMRON’s CS1G-H PLC as the central control system, using OMRON’s SMARTSTEP-Aseries of servo drive system to achieve precise positioning of the extruder head, respectively used to control the precise positioning of the up and down direction and left an right directionof the extruder head. At the same time control system uses touch-screen to realize theman-machine dialogue,it can effectively monitor the operational status of the equipment.Through the programming, simulation, simulation experiment for this system in thelaboratory,proved that this system can be in motion, achieve the desired functionality. At thesame time this system can be used for the promotion and use.

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