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Design and Implementation of Open Remote Monitoring Protocol

Author ZhaoZhengWei
Tutor LiChangYun
School Hunan University
Course Computer Software and Theory
Keywords monitoring protocol open OMMP protocol analysis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of computer technology, mobilecommunications technology, and sensor network technology, theapplication of remote monitoring technology is also in constantinnovation. At present, the remote monitoring system for sensormonitoring, because of the diverse types of sensor devices,heterogeneous,format,parameters of the same monitoring system isdifficult to extend the management and maintenance difficulties. In orderto solve the problem,an open and reliable remote monitoring protocol isdesigned and implemented to improve the openness sensor remotemonitoring system sensor device access.First,the status of remote monitoring technology to do the research,pointed the need to design an open RMON protocol for heterogeneoustypes of sensors is difficult to consistent access remote monitoring systemfor sensor monitoring system. Then,from the overall framework of themonitoring system,combined with the specific monitoring requirements,the use of the idea of software reuse,proposed an extensible frameworkfor remote monitoring.Secondly,in the framework on the basis of the given oriented sensormonitoring,sensor monitoring device for the system of various types,ofvarying structure,can not be consistent access systems,The unifiedmanagement of the reality of the problem. Through the analysis of typicalnetwork protocols model,and a typical reference to the idea of thenetwork protocol layered design,design of an open the RMONmanagement protocol OMMP,about the protocol syntax,semantics andtiming analysis and design process are described in detail,and givesOMMP protocol applications.Finally,proposed and implemented the extended protocol resolutionmechanism based on the the OMMP protocol. Thinking of the descriptionof the application of XML protocol,using XML technology to describeand verify protocol format,chose to use regular expressions protocolvariable part of the data to be parsed,which makes the protocol description and data analysis phase separation,to improve the efficiencyof the protocol analysis. Then follow the the OMMP protocol parsingprocess,through the implementation of the system has developed, toverify the rationality and effectiveness of the protocol and resolutionmechanism.

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