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The Research of Embedded Video Monitoring System Based on Power Line Carrier Technology

Author LiShuiMing
Tutor ZuoWeiNian; SuJianHuan
School Guangxi University of Science and Technology
Course Control Theory and Control Engineering
Keywords power line carrier video monitoring coding
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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With the development of social economy, the video monitoring is widely used inall walks of life. Telephone communication, twisted-pair cable communications,optical fiber communication, wireless communication, power line carriercommunication, and other communication wayes have made video monitoring tofurther broaden the application field. Video monitoring system based on power linecarrier technology use the existing electric power transmission network as acommunication medium to transmit data. Power line video monitoring system makeuse of power line to transmit video data, which has many advantages, such as not toset up communication lines, low construction cost, convenient installation and lessaffected by the geographical environment, making full use of resources, reducing thecost to build. It is suitable for applications in security, monitoring, industrial control,intelligent household and other fields,and it is a kind of video monitoring system willhave wide applications in the future.From the perspective of a public document, most video monitoring systemresearch only include video collection, coding and decoding playback in one or twocontent. And the video coding part adopts the software coding method to encode thevideo data, there is a low resource utilization, the image is not smooth. The topicmainly study the video acquisition, hardware video coding, video data transmissionby power line, decoding playback. The video monitor system base on power line wasdesigned which overcome many problem. video monitor system on power line ismainly composed of the upper machine and lower machine. Power line videomonitoring system client realize video decoding and replay in PC, which use theVisual Studio2005of Microsoft as a development platform and use DirectShowtechnology to play the streaming media. Video monitoring receiving terminal canrealize multi-channel video data reception, storage, and playback. Lower machineadopts ARM11series products S3C6410of Samsung Company as a video collection,coding, control, sending terminal. Video acquisition adopts USB infrared cameraswhich can realize all-weather video monitoring. Operating system adopts Linux2.6.38system.The work is as follows: Power line video monitoring subject researchbackground, present situation, the development trend, and the characteristics of theelectric power carrier wave and compare the merits and demerits of all kinds ofcommunication mode. Analysis of the power line carrier-current communication channel environment and OFDM technology, the transplantation of embedded Linuxsystem, reading the original data from the V4L2video frame, the choice of videoencoding and the application program design, video data transmission using UDPprotocol implementation. Data transmission of video monitoring system uses the C/S(client/server) communication mode. The paper presents that using embeddedprocessors effectively read and encoded video data, combined with the power linecarrier technology to constitute a video monitoring system. The Video monitoringsystem through power line transmits video data and realize real-time video playback.This system mainly consists of four parts: video collection part, video coding, videocommunication parts decoding, streaming media playback. Among them, the powercarrier video monitoring server is the core part of the system. Finally, videomonitoring system has be tested.

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