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Research for Remote Monitoring and Intelligent Diagnosis System of Tire Building Machine

Author LiJunChao
Tutor YangShiFeng
School Tianjin University of Science and Technology
Course Detection Technology and Automation
Keywords Tire Building Machine State Monitoring Fault Diagnosis
Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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With the upsizing and complexity of modern industry systems, higher reliability and security for control system have been put forward to avoid large economical loss causing by accidents and even breakdowns of industrial productions. It is very important to research and develop fault diagnosis systems which can integrate the functions of supervision and diagnosis, and study about this has important theory value and application value. However, it is harder to master for technical supports, since industry systems tend to be larger and more complex, which make themselves more specialized. This also restricts the popularity and development of remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis technology.The remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis technology is not only the integration of network technology, computer technology, signal analysis and fault diagnosis technology, but also the result of production requirement and development of science and technology. Making full use of this technology can take advantage of the data acquired by local host to reduce fault occurrence, and expert’s consultation via network to eliminate malfunction. Meanwhile the technology can easily be mastered because of human oriented design. So it is very significant to the development of industry and national economy.The paper researches and develops the remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis system based on tire building machine. It discussed the functional requirement of remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis system, and the technology to implement it, such as network, database, fault diagnosis, virtual instrument, OPC and signal analysis, and so on. It gives the design and implementation of local monitoring station, including:1introducing the manufacturing technique and main structure;2introducing the control system and its components;3recounting the implementation of monitoring software, consisting of the OPC server project and LabVIEW software. In the part of OPC server project design, the paper gives some steps and descriptions, and discusses the methods of applications using OPC server to exchange data. In the part of LabVIEW software, the paper gives the details of its structure and implementation, and illustrates the key implementation by some LabVIEW source code. Finally, the practical application shows the feasibility of the local station design.In the end, the paper gives the functional structure of remote diagnosis center, and discusses the expert diagnosis module.The production in this paper enriched the methods of remote monitoring and intelligent diagnosis, built up quite a lot experience for further development of high-level system. However, the technology is a complicated system science involving in several fields of knowledge. Much effort should be made to improve the system.

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