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The Research of Characteristics in the Process of Three-Channel Multimedia Information Accessing When Interactive Behavior Acted on

Author RenCai
Tutor LiuShiQing
School Ningbo University
Course Educational Technology
Keywords interactive behavior three-channel multimedia learning information acquisition feature
CLC G206
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This research investigates the characteristics of interactive behavior on the process ofaccessing to multimedia information. The purpose is to explore the learning effects and behavioralcharacteristics (including the internal interaction features and external characteristic) caused by themouse interaction behavior under the base of multimedia cognitive learning theory and thecomputer-supported learning environment.The study mainly used the experimental methodology; there are three groups of experiments.Experiment1was the interaction behavior study in the single channel of auditory sense accessingto information; Experiment2was the interaction behavior study in the single channel of visualsense accessing to information; Experiment3was the interaction behavior study in the three-channel of the visual and auditory sense accessing to information. Then, the study used statisticalanalysis method to analyze the data. There were several conclusions as follows:(1)The first characteristic of the interaction behavior is the memory of the interaction, that isthe ability of remembering the counts of clicking mouse behavior. This study found that interactionmemory has omissions and additions, and there is19.7%of the force to the auditory memory.(2) The second characteristic of the interaction behavior is the acting force, that is the big orsmall of interaction behavior in the three-channel multimedia information acquisition process, orthe explanation measure of interaction behavior to learning effect.While it is gradually changedwith the increase of the information channel, from4.6%of the auditory channel to21%of thevisual channel to16.2%of the visual and auditory channel. Mouse interactions behavior includesthe effective interaction and ineffective interaction, their learning effects are significant difference.(3) The third characteristic of the interaction behavior is the quantization, the mouse clicksfrequency is0.2times/s, the mouse drag probability is0.1times/s. That is the frequency ofclicking the mouse is approximately2times of the mouse drag frequency, and67.7%of thelearners prefer to learn through the form of dragging the mouse.The first and second characteristics behavior belong to the internal interaction feature, thethird characteristic belongs to the external characteristic. The results of these studies help to furtherdeepen the theoretical basis of the multimedia learning, at the same time to dig out the actual forceof the interaction, and then guide the design of multimedia materials and multimedia teaching.

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