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Media, Transparency&Media-transparency

Author LiGuanHua
Tutor RenZuo
School Dalian University of Technology
Course Art of Design
Keywords media Transparency Media-transparency be-transparency Thedevelopment trend of media
CLC G206.2
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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This article revolves around the two concepts of "Media" and "Transparency" foranalysis, we draw out that they are complementary to each other through the same connection,a new high-order transparency concept called "Media-transparency" is put forward to therepositioning of the transparency of the "Media", which is basing on the three low-ordertransparency concepts of "Material Transparency","Disseminate Transparency" and "SpaceTransparency". Media-transparency is an extension and expansion of the low-ordertransparency, it includes not only the appearance and the objective existence of theself-attributes which the low-order transparency has already showed, but also keeps extendingthe process of the transparency until the message is accepted by the audience when itconsiders the end.Subsequently, the author analyzed the multiple internal and external factors of theMedia-transparency and their influence to the results of the Transparency by using a largenumber of the Media Design related instances. The factors role in the transparency ability andthe self-attributes phase of the Media as message penetration, the clarity of the Media, theintegration of the Media Environment and the maturity of the Network etc.; The transparencyability will encounter the containment by the upper limit of the transparency when it rise up toa certain extent, which leading to its complete failure; there is another factor of transparencywhich can ease the negligence caused by the spilling over of the transparency, and that isTransparency Efficiency which is related to the effects of the audience’s acceptance, there areseveral factors acting on it which are interaction, environment, a moderate amount ofinformation and proper content structure; In addition, the effect of Media-transparency is alsoassociated to the trading off and taking over, audience positioning and media superpositionetc..However, the process of the Media-transparency is of dual character: It probably leads topassive loss of information which will cause to the result of troublesome "Be-transparent"when a person’s individual awareness of self-protection is not strong; Yet, there’ll lead to hidden dangers of trust paralysis and the out of control of Media when the amount ofinformation is inadvertent overdose or a man-made large number of placement by malice, andthat is the disadvantage of "Excessive Transparent". Sometimes even in the same way of theMedia-transparency, there may cause to two effects which run counter to each other—positivedesign and negative calculation or misstep, but what our broad audience really need isdesigned positive transparency rather than calculated negative transparency.Media-transparency doesn’t only contain a lateral transferring trend; and also contains alongitudinal one above the time trajectory. Transparent ability decisioned by technicalalways go in front of the Media-transparency, and the social cultural persecuted by it willcontinue to accumulate the upper limit of transparency, then the part captured by the upperlimit to be released. With this trend, there are the networked trend, the coverage of pervasivecomputing, Global village in the Media-transparency as well. The thought way ofMedia-transparency will show the outline of the media future ahead of time.The value of the research on Media-transparency is commercial value which is mosteasily seen in the short-term, it’ll be beneficial to the development of the media sector inmedium-term and in the long-term it’ll certainly be conducive to more far-reaching aspects ofhuman society and culture.

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