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Chinese study of basketball sports news professional idea to "basketball vanguard" on NBA, CBA reports

Author MengChengZhen
Tutor ChangQing
School Shandong Normal University
Course Journalism
Keywords mass media culture Sports culture Basketball news reports Journalisticprofessionalism
CLC G212
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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In recent years, with the development of the society and the progress of humancivilization, people’s demand rise and they like sports very well. Among them, Peoplelike most are basketball. Now, as countries around the world the daily communicationare frequent, the relationship of them is close. Basketball is no longer a simplecompetition sport, but Mixed with a variety of political, economic, cultural, spiritual,emotional factors, such as cooperation and communication. Especially the emergenceof "NBA"、"CBA". The basketball movement went in the peak and to promote thesports media such as the basketball pioneers reported basketball news, changedevelopment. This for the future sports culture and mass media culture fusion anddevelopment has provided an opportunity.Since1891, the basketball movement development123years, and the basketball newsreports are the same. In recent years, the research of basketball has become the focusin the current sports science. From the Angle of the news, although it has a lot ofreports about basketball, the number of research involving basketball newsprofessional concept is not much, and there is no specific, systematic research books.Some current research on basketball, more dispersed in the basketball news thisproposition thesis chapters, and the foreign research is few. In this paper, on thebasketball pioneer reported "NBA","CBA" to explore the deep meaning of Chinesebasketball sports news professional concept, in this new perspective to seek a deeperresearch.From a practical sense, this article through to the Basketball pioneers reported "NBA"and "CBA" comparative study. Helps to solve the basketball pioneer reportedbasketball news problems and the insufficiency make sports media can better servethe audience. To spread the health development of basketball culture in China. Fromthe theoretical sense, this article selects the Angle and the field is conducive to riches journalism and sports science disciplines, and the mass media culture and sportsculture in the field of research. To attracted the attention of more researchers. Inmaximum extent, promote the sports science and the journalism development, andpromoting the advancement of mass media culture and sports culture.The paper gives a brief analysis of the research object, the basketball pioneer,"NBA"and "CBA". After the core part is the overview of basic concepts, A comparative studybetween "NBA" and "CBA" in the newspaper of the basketball pioneer reported,andusing the concept of journalistic professionalism knowledge to solve the problem. Asan example of the sports media in the basketball pioneer reported "CBA" news theproblems and the insufficiency. Use of such disciplines as journalism, communication,sports knowledge, purpose is in order to be more objective, accurate analysis andsolve the problem of the study.The purpose of the study will carry out in practice, any research must be guided by thereality will have meaning. This article will use journalistic professionalism conceptknowledge to solve the problem, such as basketball pioneers in "CBA" news reported.Promote it to a better “CBA” news reported and Promote the development of "CBA",carrying forward the culture of basketball. I look forward to the research results; canprovide some useful help and valuable experience for basketball sports journalismconcept research in the future.

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