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Conversation Analysis of Emotional TV Talk Shows from Taiwan and Mainland

Author YangSiMing
Tutor XieYi
School Jinan University
Keywords conversation analysis emotional talk show Art life True Love hosting style
CLC G222
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Taiwan’s TV talk shows are always famous for its entertaining, interesting andcontroversial."Kang Xi is here","Guo Guang do me a favor" are popular on bothsides of the Taiwan Straits, but this does not mean that Taiwan does not have a goodemotional talk show."True love "is one of the best. Started from1998, True love hada good audience rating and won the2000Taiwan TV golden bell award for the" talkshow ", and the host Cai Kangyong won the conversation class/cultural andeducational information show host" award three times. In2000,CCTV broadcast the"art life"——a talk show of emotion, by the famous host Zhu Jun,which switches tointerview people, to the truth of the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan artists and theyshow the audience their unknown road to art.Through conversation analysis, this paper compares the two program, trying tofind out why two show has a different style, exploring the similarities and differencesof their beginning, main structure and the end, local conversational structure, the hoststyle etc. Through describing differences between the two programs, summarizing thecauses of these differences to sum up the successful experience and deficiency of TVmedia in making emotional talk show on both sides of Taiwan Straits.This paper carries on the comparison to the overall structure of the two programs,including the beginning, body and ending part difference. Secondly carrying on thecomparison on two programs local conversational structure, including the selection oftopic, the launch mode and the different way of discourse coherence. Again carryingon the comparison on two host of the program, comparison including the content ofthe image, language, body language, etc.Finally through comparative analysis of the above part, we summed up the "Artlife" and "True love" in positioning, topic selection, the host role and context of theadvantages and disadvantages,providing the beneficial reference for the production ofthe TV talk show of emotion on both sides of the Taiwan Straits.

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