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Study of Jinjiang literature city female book publishing

Author ZhangPeiPei
Tutor YangJun
School Shaanxi Normal University
Course Communication
Keywords Jinjiang Literature Website female book female book publishing
CLC G237.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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At present, Jinjiang Literature Website (www.jjwxc.net) is successful and representative original female literature website in China. Its development enriches China’s female book publishing activities and promotes the development of female book publishing. This paper, combining with online publishing and female book publishing, studies on female book publishing activities in Jinjiang Literature Website. It studies the network and traditional publishing activities of female network book in Jinjiang Literature Website in order to enrich research of network publishing,deepen the research of female book publishing and promote the better development of female original literature website.With literature analysis, case analysis and staff visiting, this paper which combines the theories analysis and the demonstration analysis, analyses the female book in Jinjiang Literature Website to clarify the female book publishing and analyses the role of the edit in the book publishing process to explore the female culture in the network editing and publishing activities. Jinjiang Literature Website is the network publishing institution of female book, which cultivates female book authors, provides publishing resources and enriches female book pubishing activities. With the full operation of the original online fiction, the female book that feature TANBI fiction and fan fiction in Jinjiang Literature Website are female network original romantic novels to compete with other female original literature website with the advantages.The novel creation has typed trend, such as senior cadres novels, rebirth novels, farming novels, curtilage bucket novels and supernatural romance novels. At the same time, the website novels also have anti-typed trend, which shows their own adjustment of the original novel creation. Currently, the female book of the website has not only the network publishing, such as the online reading,e-book download and wireless publishing, but also the paper publishing, such as legit physical book publishing and custom printed publishing. With a variety of publishing methods, the website expands the spread of female book, earns economic benefits as much as possible and expants the industry chain of the female network book publishing to promote the development of female original literature industry. The editing in the female book publishing activities in Jinjiang Literature Website is indispensable. From the perspective of network editing activity, the website editing includes web planning and design, content edit and content management, which need the cooperation of full-time and part-time staff cooperation to complete. The most important network editing is online publishing’s edit because it needs synchronization with novel creation. In the stage of the online publishing, the main work of editors is keeping the relationship with authors, organizing production list and completing online publishing pay for VIP and physical books recommendation. In the other stage of book publishing, website copyright editor mainly responsible for contacting with other publishing institutions and helping the novel of the author signed publish in a variety of ways.The edit of Jinjiang Literature Website has the characteristics of diversified edit, emphasizing orientation on the content edit, highlighting the service and pursuit of economic interests. The activities of editing and publishing female book spread female culture which includes respecting male gender concept and advanced definite female gender culture.But regardless of whether the female values is advanced or not, website female book convey the thinking of women living conditions. Jinjiang Literature Website sets up a platform of speech for women to help women master the right of speech, make their voices heard, spread and exchange their own thoughts and ideas,and provide the impetus for the women to form their own gender perspective and gender culture.

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