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Research on the Information Service Mode of Social Science under Ubiquitous Knowledge Environments

Author ShenWang
Tutor JiangSanBao
School Shandong University
Course Library science
Keywords information service mode social science social science information ubiquitous knowledge environments
CLC G252
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The rapid development of information technology and the rapid expansion of the online world make human knowledge dissemination channels and original academic exchange methods have undergone profound changes---knowledge network era has arrived. Knowledge era, not only accelerates the world-wide cooperation and competition, but also deeply integrate knowledge development and network media, and gradually formed a new social information environments,namely ubiquitous knowledge environments.Ubiquitous Knowledge Environment arrival directly contributed to change of library services, which has brought us not simply technology, equipment innovation,but it is a revolution in library philosophy to survive and service mechanism. As an orginazation serving science and research, the library of social science field, functions of which largely reflects through information services.Serving mode is a carrier of information services, its development and innovation were extremely effected by users’ demand. Complexity and pluralism of user needs not only determine the diversity of information services, but further determine the pluralism of service model. Social science career is the premise and basis to accomplish research and innovation. Currently, social science research is increasingly showing integrated, collaborative and networking trend, data-intensive scientific research is becoming a new driving force. As a distribution center of knowledge and information, information service is the fundamental way to realize the value of a library. In the history of human research, nothing can replace the library,whose role is to transfer human knowledge.However, the development of network and information technology, especially the emergence of search engines and databases poses challenges to to survival of the library. Because of characters of search engines and databases,such as comprehensive, shortcut, autonomous usable,former users of libraries become users of Internet and databases, while libraries aren’t the first choice to obtain information owing to its poor service. Based on the above considerations, the study will focus on the following aspects:First, review theoretical results and practical experience of the ubiquitous knowledge environment and library service mode at home and abroad in order to summarize the topics of innovation and determine the content framework of this research. Second, my studies of ubiquitous knowledge environments, including causes of ubiquitous knowledge environments, characteristics, opportunities and challenges to the library. According to my idea, there are three main factors:1, development of information technology is the fundamental driving force.2, changes of users’ needs in the contents、characteristics、types and approaches obtaining information are its predisposing factors.3, the historical process of succession implies a historical necessity to build ubiquitous knowledge environments. Third, theoretical research of the user needs, including the following theories,such as the theory of the impact on user needs, the theory of user requirements,, satisfaction theory of user needs, and so on. Fourth, theory research of the information service mode, including concept, content composition and history of information service mode.Fifth, innovative countermeasures of information service mode, including the ideal premise and the resource base and guarantee mechanism of building the system of information service mode. Sixth, studies of information service mode system, including personalized service mode, subject service mode, intelligent service mode, mobile information service mode.My aim of this paper is to research with depth and detail the associated theories and practice of information service mode of social science under the ubiquitous knowledge environments,and provide a reference for study and innovation of information service mode of libraries under the ubiquitous knowledge environments, so as to guide the practice of information service and improve service quality, and thus contribute to the sustainable development of libraries.

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