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Research on Socialized Service of University Library

Author FuLiLi
Tutor SunHaiShuang
School Henan University of Science and Technology
Course Library science
Keywords University library Socialized services Public Library Openingup
CLC G258.6
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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University library should be open to the public, and carry out the foreign servicehave reached a consensus in the library community. Library, as literature informationresource distribution center and the hub of literature information resources spread, areresponsible for the functions of the social education. According to incomplete statistics,academic library resources accounts for about60%of the total social information.Maximize knowledge service for social people, and make them can enjoy vastliterature information resources of university library, improve the cultural and moralqualities of the social people, and contribute to the cultural construction of aharmonious socialist society is the needs of university library to seek self-developmentbut also the expectations of social people to the university Library.First, I collect the literature on domestic and international library that open to thecommunity, found that foreign research emphasis has focused on how to improve thequality of social services, and domestic research is more concentrated in basictheoretical research on the necessity, the pros and cons of analysis, the open basictheoretical and the principle of open ways of the school library carrying out socialservice, lacking of empirical research and comparative studies. Second, By acomparative study of three levels: the national level-the comparison of China andforeign university library social service research, identify gaps in China and abroad aswell as what we can learn from the advanced experience of foreign university librarythat carry out social service; the library community level-the comparison of socialservice by co-construction and unco-construction library, it is clear that co-construction model is the best choice for economically underdeveloped areas to carryout social service, library resources, facilities, librarians, reader resources are fullyutilized; individual library level-the comparison of public library and universitylibrary services, compare their different services and gaps, and find the universitylibrary entry point for social service.Finally, I put forward some scientific and rational comments and suggestions about university library social service. First, develop a reasonable social service policy:seeking truth from facts within our capabilities to user needs, so that the primary andsecondary into account, and pay attention to economical and practical. Second, wemust clear the ways in which you can use to carry out social services: based on thelibrary literature resources to carry out information services; resource sharing, expandthe total resources of social service by resources sharing; expand social service epitaxyby network; deep to surrounding communities, towns and villages, think smallaccumulation and accumulate social service experience; carry out social services byco-construction library. Also, develop social service project fee, clear the servicecontent "fee-for-service", on a cost reimbursement plus information value-added todevelop a scientific and reasonable fee standards. Finally, from four levels of legal,financial, resources, personnel do a good job to protect the university library socialservices effective, long-term operation mechanism.

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