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China Trade Associations Development Status, Existing Problem and Researching for Solutions

Author LiuFei
Tutor ZuoJiangLi
School Hebei Normal
Course Political Theory
Keywords Industry association development process problem countermeasureresearch
CLC F203
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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In recent years, with the gradual deepening of reform and opening up and the socialistmarket economic system, industry association has been rapid development, its status andinfluence in the society becomes more and more significant, and plays an important role inmany fields. In our country, the industry association is the economic field of social groups, isby the enterprise within the industry as the main body of a voluntary participation, promotethe economic society membership interest as the goal to protect and, are important types ofsocial organizations, are not included in China’s Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan area registeredassociations and other folk tissue, also do not include the international foreign in China setassociation, association, chamber of Commerce, office and other non-governmentalorganizations. According to the China Association of industry categories and structure,industry association is a non-profit, non-governmental organization, industry representatives,etc.. Industry Association’s organizational structure is similar, are made by members, formedthe governance structure of the member representative assembly, the Executive Council,board of directors, board of supervisors, professional work of the Commission and theSecretariat for the subject, important industry are research needs to be conducted by the abovedecision conference, industry associations represent certain interests of members, reflectingthe members of the appeal, embodying the democratic decision making industry.Development of Industry Association in China has experienced four stages, although inthe nineteen eighties later gradually moving towards standardized, explored a suitable forChina’s road of development, and the number is increasing year by year, gradually expand thescale, however, subject to the influence of our previous planned economy period system,compared with other developed economy, the trade associations of China is still in the initialstage of development, there are still the transformation of government functions is not inplace, restricting the cultivation and development of Industry Association; IndustryAssociation relevant laws and regulations are not perfect, the lack of legal basis; the lack ofDemocratic Management Association, member’s rights are not guaranteed; IndustryAssociation, the lack of relevant policies and management talent supporting; industry associations lack of funding, organization operation is blocked; the functions of tradeassociations is not clear, positioning errors; Industry Association official do color is strong,autonomy is poor; the access mechanism of industry association is too strict, managementconfusion; the industry association of social supervision system is not perfect, many problemsin supervision fatigue, which is disadvantageous to industry associations to play on behalf ofthe interests of enterprises, service enterprises, the integration of society Function, seriouslyrestricting the development of industry association.Therefore, on the basis of referencing development practices Industry Associationdeveloped economies and experience, the industry association of China in urgent need ofsystem theory localization guidance for their further development, research and explore asuitable for China’s economic, political, and social development to adapt to the road, thispaper expounds the relationship between industry associations and government, objectiveanalysis of the reason of restricting the development of industry associations, and put forwardideas for Industry Association problems, establish the concept of equal consultation; tostrengthen the construction of legal system, create a suitable for the development of IndustryAssociation environment; innovation of management system, cancel the original DualManagement Association; the transformation of government functions, clear the functions ofindustry associations; to strengthen the supervision and management, standardize the behaviorof Trade Association; speed up the folk process, ensure the independence of the TradeAssociation; push into separate government functions from enterprise management, make theindustry associations to play a greater role in the industry planning and development;strengthening the support, countermeasures in8aspects to speed up the development of theindustry association, the transformation of government functions, with the importantsignificance of speeding up the development of industry association.This paper mainly includes four parts: the first part, the connotation of industryassociations and function in detail and definition, connotation and denotation of definiteconcept, reveal the important position of industry associations in the process of developmentof market economy; the second part, elaborated mechanism and the development process ofChina’s Industry Association; the third part, combined with the development the status quo ofChina’s Industry Association, pointed out the main problems existing in the development of industry associations, and analyzes the reasons; the fourth part, the industry associationproblems put forward to strengthen the construction industry associations, in the developmentof the market economy to promote countermeasures.

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