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The Empirical Analysis of Differences in China’s Regional Economic Growth and Energy Consumption

Author ZhaoRui
Tutor XuHeLian
School Hunan University
Course Applied Economics
Keywords Economic Growth Differences in Energy Consumption TechnologicalProgress Economic Structure
CLC F127
Type Master's thesis
Year 2012
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In the21st century, with the rapid development of the Chinese economy, thesocial production and social life’s demands for energy are increasing, and the pressureof the development and supply of energy resources are increasing. China’s totalenergy consumption in2010reached3.08billion tons of standard coal in second placeafter the United States, about a5.26%increase over the previous year. From aregional point of view, there are obvious differences in energy consumption betweenthe various regions of China, such as Beijing, Guangdong, Tianjin, Shanghai have alower energy intensity, but Guizhou, Gansu and other provinces have a higher energyintensity. Regional energy consumption intensity differences is an important factorthat lead to higher intensity of China’s energy consumption, and therefore this papermake an empirical study on China’s regional economic growth and energyconsumption differences.First, China’s regional industrial structure adjustment, science and technologylevel, the level of foreign trade are improved significantly, but there are still allinterval obvious difference, the difference is causes our country regional energyconsumption difference important reason; Energy prices and the institutional factorsinfluence the energy consumption and energy consumption difference between regions,but as a result of China’s existing price system and system make energy prices and theinstitutional factors on the region to energy consumption difference effect may notsignificant.Second, China’s regional economic development level of these growth trendappeared constantly convergence, namely regional income gap shrinking, meanwhileregional energy consumption intensity also presents the dwindling situation, whichshows that China’s economic backward areas play to new-come advantage, in theeconomic development process using advanced technology, the introduction of newindustries in narrowing the income gap, but also promote the energy consumptionintensity difference reduction.Finally, the level of economic development, economic structure, technicalprogress, foreign trade, energy price is the promotion of China’s regional energyconsumption intensity decreased main factors. And from regional energy consumptiondifference to see, regions and the difference of economic development level of regional energy consumption difference is the result of the main factors, itscontribution rate reach30%or so, then followed by technological progress differences,differences in the level of foreign trade, economic structure differences and energyprice difference.

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