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Uncertain reliability of remanufacturing logistics network construction research environment based on

Author CaoJinLong
Tutor ZhangDanSong
School Wuyi University
Course Business management
Keywords uncertain environment remanufacturing logistics network reliability stochastic simulation and genetic algorithm
CLC F252
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Since the twentieth century, the traditional manufacturing industry as a pillar industry of the rapid economic development in many domestic and international countries, and made great contributions to the promotion of the development of the world economy. However, the traditional manufacturing industry is like a double-edged sword, it made a progress on material civilization of the human society, at the same time, because of its long-term extensive economic model of high-production, low-use, high-emission, it also led to excessive consumption of resources. At the same time, large amount of waste products that were produced every year were not be handled properly, also caused excessive waste of resources and serious pollution of environment. Therefore, how to maximize the use of social resources, minimize waste generation, has become a fundamental solution to environmental pollution and waste of resources.At present, with the enhancement of environment protection consciousness and the development of social sustainable development ideas of human society, accompanied by the development of circular economy mode of human society to rise slowly, human society begin to pay attention to the recycling and reuse, so, remanufacturing emerge as the times require. Remanufacturing is a whole process that by taking the cleaning, disassembly, maintenance and parts replacement and restoration measures to the waste products, so that the waste products can catch up with and even surpass the new products in terms of performance and quality. However, in order to implement remanufacturing effectively, remanufacturing logistics network is the inseparable foundation, remanufacturing logistics network determines the efficiency of remanufacturing logistics fundamentally. Because of the characteristics of remanufacturing logistics network itself, making it more than the traditional logistics network is more complex, therefore, remanufacturing logistics network construction problems in study is very necessary and very meaningful.This paper was based on the existing research,aiming at the shortcomings of the existing research of remanufacturing logistics network, and in combination with its inherent characteristics, thus the subject. This article research content mainly includes:1. this paper starts from the background and theoretical and practical significance, through the collation and analysis of domestic and international relevant remanufacturing logistics network construction of research literature, combined with the characteristics of remanufacturing logistics network itself, aiming at the problems of remanufacturing logistics network construction research, this project is put forward.2. to establish the uncertainty environment of remanufacturing logistics network construction model, the model based on the assumption of the amount of the recycling waste products, market of manufactured products demand, the recycling rate of recycling center and the remanufacturing rate to remanufacture are uncertain variables, minimize the cost of remanufacturing logistics network is constructed as the objective function, and the remanufacturing logistics balance and facility capacity constraints between the nodes of the logistics network as the constraint conditions to build;3. because of remanufacturing logistics network has the characteristic of high uncertainty, therefore, the study of its reliability is very important. In this paper, after summarizing related research literature and the reliability of manufacturing logistics network at home and abroad at present, found to have many shortcomings of remanufacturing logistics network reliability, due to the shortage of traditional logistics network or product volume is an important index for measuring the reliability of logistics network, therefore, this paper puts forward to the network system shortage or product volume as a measure of the reliability standards of remanufacturing logistics network,the minimization of the shortage or product volume of remanufacturing logistics network as the objective function, establishes the remanufacturing logistics network reliability model.4. in this paper, combining the above two models, not only consider the cost of remanufacturing logistics networks, but also the reliability of remanufacturing logistics networks, thereby establishing the core model, the uncertain environment based on the reliability of the remanufacturing logistics network construction model, genetic algorithm based on stochastic simulation was used to solve the model,5. Finally, use the analysis of examples to verify the validity of the model.

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