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Study on the Developing Path of Towns in Jinan under the New-style Urbanization

Author ZhangSong
Tutor ChengDaoPing
School Shandong Normal University
Course Human geography
Keywords towns development path new urbanization Jinan city
CLC F299.27
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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With China accelerating the integration of urban and rural development and industrialrestructuring, new urbanization gradually rises to national strategies.Promoting the developmentof urbanization becomes the biggest domestic demand. Along with the“Eighteen”reform agenda,as well as the national new town introduction of planning, promoting new urban developmentbecomes the key task throughout development. The selection and development of newurbanization of towns, has been the subject of domestic scholars to explore.Nowadays, adoptingthe big, road, cities and towns coordinated development has become a consensus.County economics are underdeveloped, and counties (cities, districts) are extremelyuneven development of urbanization in Jinan. The urbanization rate in Jiyang and Shanghe isonly30%, a much lower quality and level of urbanization development than others. TheDevelopment of towns has been relatively slow for their sizes overall and weak gatheringcapacity. Their infrastructure is lagging behind, causing the town revenue to become lower.Powers and financial authorities do not match the dynamic development of towns inadequately,which make towns shout of development power. Towns face obvious constraints of traditionalinstitutional mechanisms, contributing to the lack of scientific planning and management.Because of lack of industry support, towns absorb less population, limiting the urbanization ofthe population. Based on this background, we study the development path of towns in Jinan,hoping to provide theoretical and practical value for the research of towns.Based on the development of domestic and foreign towns, sorting out practical experiencesrelated theories on the use of analysis of the main city of Jinan, we study the key towns whichare preferred choices to develop. The ArcGIS software is applied to conducting a buffer analysisand overlay analysis about the selection on the outskirts of the central city’s satellite towns. Thelocation entropy and Nelson statistical analysis are used to analyze the functioning of towns inJinan. Based on the integrated use of a variety of methods, the problems and developing pathsdesigned of towns in Jinan are in-depth research, and conduct all kinds of towns to classifyguidelines.First, on the base of the development of urbanization, combined with the background ofthe current status and roles of the development of towns, and the status of new urbanizationdevelopment in Jinan, the article analyzes the main factors, present characteristics and problemsof the towns’ developments in Jinan.Secondly, based on the theory and practical experience at home and abroad, five strategicoptions about the development of towns are raised: differentiated development strategy, groupdevelopment strategy, the integration of urban and rural development strategy, low carbon greensustainable development strategy, innovation and reform-driven strategy.Thirdly, after the five development strategies of towns, four developing paths for towns inJinan are conducted, which are named gradient development path, functional development path,spatial development path, and innovation system path.As for Gradient development path, weselect five dominant factors to analyze and evaluate the potential development of towns, whichare geographic conditions, population size, economic levels, infrastructure, quality of life.24 towns in Jinan should be focused on fostering by the Three large new community townshippaths:expand their powers, production integration of the city,and strengthen the construction.Asfor functional development path, through the comparison of the horizontal and verticalproportion of the industry professionals in town,5kinds of functional types in towns are built onthe base of the qualitative and quantitative development:traditional industrial-type, businesslogistics type, emerging industry type, leisure travel type and modern logistics type.As for spatialdevelopment path,it defines a radius of20km as buffer outskirts of towns,and proposes fivemodes of suburbs and towns:New Town mode, new towns mode, tourism and leisure patternsmode, production and living service mode and undertake the development of the industrialmode.While,suburban towns focus the group of four major urban development clearly.As forinnovation system path,for the development of the institutional constraints of towns,on the basisof learning from the advanced experience at home and abroad,rural reform is suggested to thedemutualization,equity and development model.Finally, after the proposed path of the development in towns, several countermeasures aremade to promote the developments of town in Jinan,such as investment and financial systemreform in towns,urban cluster development strategy,industrial development strategy,reform ofhousehold registration system, fostering new business entities and strengthening the rural laborforce training, etc.

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