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The Research on Strategic Cost Management of Chinese Real Estate

Author JingGuanYang
Tutor YangGongSui
School Shandong University of Finance and Economics
Course Accounting
Keywords Value Chain Strategic Cost Management Real Estate W Real EstateCompany
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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The real estate industry as the pillar industry of the national economy and animportant driving force,continues to develop rapidly in the past20years, also made anumber of real estate enterprise. Real estate itself is a capital-intensive industry, comparedwith other industries, it is a large market capacity, low entry barriers and technical barriersto industry, and has a larger profits space, and the project cycle is long, large capitalinvestment, policy and market risk is high. Based on the above characteristics, the effectiveimplementation of cost management has become a real estate enterprise survival anddevelopment of important guarantee. At the same time, whether changes in the externalmacro environment and still unclear policy direction to real estate development enterprisesput forward new challenges and requirements. From the point of view of the real estateenterprise itself, the cost of high and low profit of high and low, will directly affect the realestate enterprises affects the market competitiveness of products, and is the importantfactor of enterprises sustainable development. At the same time, the real estate projectdevelopment of high and low cost, to some extent, also affect the house price high and low,although high house prices will improve item real estate enterprise profit, but also canmake consumers to delay or even give up the purchase of goods, reduce the effectivedemand, so that, in turn, will restrict the healthy development of the real estate industry,thus affecting the health of the whole national economy sustainable development.Therefore, research the cost management of real estate enterprises, to promote real estateenterprises to reduce cost, cultivating core competitiveness, promote the sustainabledevelopment of the real estate industry and promote the sustainable and healthydevelopment of national economy, has very important practical significance.On the other hand, although more and more enterprises realize that to ensure thelong-term health of the market competitiveness of products and the enterprise development,must be an effective cost management. For a long time, China’s real estate enterprises stilluse the traditional cost management method, it is focused on the "save, save", thetraditional cost control obviously cannot meet the needs of new situation. Therefore, the real estate enterprises must cost management of the existing methodsfor improvement and innovation, in short, the timely changing ideas, the implementation ofstrategic cost management. Tools and first step is the core of strategic cost management,value chain analysis, therefore, this article from the perspective of a broader consideringthis problem, and from a higher level, based on the perspective of value chain analysis ofthe strategic cost management problems of real estate enterprises, through the analysis ofthe problem to the real estate enterprise cost management present situation and problemshave a deeper understanding, and puts forward some specific advice, reliable in topic andhelp in the strategic cost management of real estate enterprises in China.

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