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Based on the local government perspective of the real estate market regulation in Ganzhou city as an example

Author XiaoLin
Tutor ZouTan
School Jiangxi University of Technology
Course Management Science and Engineering
Keywords Local government Real estate market Regulation Game Ganzhou
CLC F299.23
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Real estate industry is the prop and foundational industry which supports the nationaleconomy development. It s healthy developed or not will directly affect the economicdevelopment in our country, and will affect people’s living standards, social stability. Since thehousing system reform in1998, there is a mushroom growth in the real estate market, makesoutstanding contributions to GDP. However, a lot of problems have also accompanied with thedevelopment, cause unreasonable house price increasing.The development of real estate industry makes great contributions to local economy, its ownparticularity and strong driving effect promotes the development of other industries, increasesmany employment opportunities. It has become the industry which the local government fullysupported. Property tax and land sales revenues have become one of the main sources of localfinancial revenue. But now the excessive deregulations and inadequate regulations on theresidential-property markets made by the local government cause the overgrowth in house price,affects the benefits of the stakeholders in the market. As there are some limitations of the centralgovernment macro control, it s a must to need the local government reasonably regulate the localreal estate market, and then promote the harmony, healthy and sustainable development of thelocal real estate market.Ganzhou is the largest population, area of the largest cities in jiangxi province, it neighboursGuangdong, Fujian, Hunan and other regions, has rich resources of rare-earth, tungsten ore.etc.In recent years, Ganzhou have responded to national policies, vigorously developed the economy,it s one of the cities which has great economic development potential in east-central of China,especially the development of real estate. From the market in recent years, the commercialhousing price in Ganzhou increased too rapidly, the price is a little bit too high. This thesis takesGanzhou as an example, does research in local government s regulations in the real estate market.First, I start from the characteristics of the real estate market, the understanding of the relatedtheories on regulations, make a major emphasis on the research documents of real estateregulations at home and abroad, and then analyses the current regulation system, regulationsituation of China real estate market and the current situation of real estate in Ganzhou city, at lastI analyses the game between local government and central government, local government andreal estate developers in this market. The purpose is to get a deeper rational understanding inlocal government s behaviors, further analyses the regulation ways and measures of the localgovernment, and then comprehensively and objectively evaluate the current regulation effects inGanzhou city. Finally, I will combine the regulation ways with measures, to propose someimprovement suggestions towards the regulations made by Ganzhou government in real estate market. I hope that this research can provide some help in current local government regulationson real estate market, and then provide some theory reference in promoting the coordinativedevelopment of real estate market, society, economy and environment.

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