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Resistance Evaluation of 34 Rice Varieties Against False Smut and the Biochemical Substances of Rice to False Smut

Author JiangShen
Tutor TanZhiQiong
School Hainan University
Course Plant Pathology
Keywords Rice False smut Identification of resistance Biochemical Resistance
CLC S435.111.46
Type Master's thesis
Year 2010
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Preliminary identification of disease resistance of 34 rice varieties collected by natural and induced artificial inoculation method of combining results are as follows : 34 varieties are highly resistant varieties , and 9 resistant varieties , accounting for 26.47 10 % , in the resistant variety , accounting for 29.41% , 11 in the sense of variety , accounting for 32.35% , the susceptible cultivar 3 , accounting for 8.57% , a highly susceptible , accounting for 2.94% . The study found that 34 rice varieties false smut resistance between anti- and in a sense , on the whole , the rice varieties resistant to false smut or weak . Resistance Identification based on the choice of anti- anti- and high sense of three different resistant rice varieties , in the the rice booting final inoculum panicle syringe injection , the first time in the country , its related physiological and biochemical indexes system : MDA content and POD , PPO , PAL , CAT activity is one of the important mechanism of the anti - false smut of rice . The highly susceptible MDA content increased significantly , small changes of MDA content of resistant varieties . The study found elevated MDA content of lipid peroxidation , MDA content stability conducive resistance to rice false smut , suggesting that rice varieties resistant performance is closely related to the content of MDA ; another CAT activity in the non- pro and reaction decline , the CAT activity of disease-resistant rice varieties after inoculation susceptible varieties of CAT activity decreased , performance is increased, indicating more closely related to rice varieties resistant performance with CAT activity after inoculation ; liters of POD and PAL activity high favor lignin and phytoalexin synthesis , PPO of increased favor oxidation of phenolic compounds into quinones , cytotoxicity inhibition of invading pathogens resistant varieties of POD, PAL and PPO activity after inoculation elevated susceptible varieties POD , PAL and PPO activity after vaccination did not change significantly , suggesting that the rice varieties resistant performance is closely related to the activity of POD, PPO and PAL ; vaccination , anti- susceptible varieties of SOD the activity was not significantly different , indicating that the resistance of rice varieties and SOD activity relationship is not obvious . Different varieties are some differences in the content and performance of various biochemical factors .

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