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Research on the Relationship of Emotional Labor, Job Burnout and Turnover Intention about Real Estate Sales Staff

Author ZuoChao
Tutor QingTao
School Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course Human Resource Management
Keywords Real estate sales staff Emotional labor Job burnout Turnover intention
CLC F272.92
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Real estate industry has become a pillar industry of national economy, at the same time in the global financial crisis and real estate regulation policies related to dual background, enterprises face the fierce market competition, the enterprise employees are suffering unprecedented job burnout and turnover issues before, in the face of customers, real estate sales staff pay the emotional labor, suffer greater pressure of work, and employees turnover rate is significantly higher than other industries.The term "Emotional labor" is coined by social Psychologist Hochschild in1983. In the fast development of service industry, researchers attach much importance to emotional labor This research investigates the effects of emotional labor on turnover intention in a framework made up of emotional labor, job burnout, and turnover intention. The method of this research is questionnaire survey. The survey subjects come from real estate industry, The data collected are analyzed by exploratory factor analysis, correlation analysis, regression analysis, and so on.Contrast with previous research, the innovation of this study is reflected in:First, although the emotional labor and job burnout in their respective fields of research have been relatively mature, and have achieved good results, but the relationship between the emotional labor of each dimension and job burnout is not perfect, such as there is no appropriate conclusions about the relationship between surface behavior&deep behavior and job burnout in the sense of low accomplishment, so the research makes it perfect.Second, to take real estate sales personnel as the research object, this study will further subdivision of emotional labor research object, it has reference significance for the management of real estate enterprise.Third, although, emotional labor, job burnout and turnover intention, the three concepts are common, but the three constitute a research model is less, and it is through path analysis to study the intermediary role of job burnout in emotional labor and turnover intention. This research will adopt the method of multiple regression analysis to test the modelThe conclusions obtained by this research are as follow:First, real estate sales staff of emotional labor and job burnout on gender, age, education background and working years exist significant differences, and turnover intention does not.Second, surface behavior and emotional exhaustion, personification and low sense of achievement is significantly positive correlation; deep behavior, natural behavior and emotional exhaustion, personification, low sense of achievement and turnover intention is significantly negative correlation; Emotional exhaustion, personification, ow sense of achievement and turnover intention is significantly positively related.Job burnout in real estate sales staff of the deep behavior and turnover intention plays a partial mediation effect, at the same time, job burnout in the natural behavior of real estate sales staff and turnover intention part plays an intermediary role. And job burnout in the relationship between the surface behavior and turnover intention, does not play a mediation role.Based on this study, we put forward some Suggestions for real estate enterprise management, including the selection of the best real estate sales staff, attention to skills of training and culture construction, attention to the career planning of real estate sales staff, competitive pay for real estate sales staff, improvement of the social image for real estate sales staff, etc.

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