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Comparative Study on the Rural Urbanization of China and Foreign Countries

Author YuJun
Tutor HuangYaPing
School Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Course Urban planning and design
Keywords rural urbanization comparison of China and foreign countries process feature dynamic mechanism path and patterns
CLC F299.21
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Our country is in the critical transition period of both society and economy, whenwe’re changing the development patterns from the pursuit of efficiency to quality ofdevelopment. At the moment, the problem of rural-urban development divide which iswidening and the three rural issues cannot be ignored, while advancing the ruralurbanization is the strong medicine to solve the problem. In this paper, the definition of therural urbanization refers to the urbanization process occurring in rural regional. At present,regional disparity of the rural urbanization in China is obvious, on which there’re also manyproblems: the develepment pattern of eastern coastal areas is extensive, while thedevelepment dynamic of central and western regions is in a shortage. Look around the world,it is not hard to find out that, there’re many experience and lessons during the develepmentprocess of the typical types of rural urbanization abroad. Therefore, it’s significant to do thecomparative study on the rural urbanization of China and foreign countries, through whichwe can explore the objective law of the rural urbanization around the world, as well asprovide guidance to our country for path choicing.This paper divided the rural urbanization around the world into three types: ex-colonycountries, western European countries and east Asian countries, and chose the United States,Britain, France, Korea, and Japan respectively as examples, to compare with China. Andthis paper includes the following four aspects:First, comparison on the process feature of the rural urbanization in China and foreigncountries, that is to divide the process of the rural urbanization of all the countries intodifferent stages, and analyze the characteristics of different stage.Second, comparison on the dynamic mechanism of the rural urbanization in China andforeign countries, that is to extract dynamic elements, and build theoretical model on thebasis of analyzing all the dynamic factors, and at last summarize the dominant dynamicmechanism of all kinds of rural urbanization.Third, comparison on the path and patterns of the rural urbanization in China andforeign countries, that is to make the summary of the features of all kinds of patterns, andthen deconstruct it from the path of population development, industrial development, andurban construction, and finally make the comprehensive comparison. Fourth, the reasonable choice of the rural urbanization path of China. In this part, weproposed that China should build the dynamic of diversity, and also choice the path ofdiversity, after the comprehensive analysis of all the experience abroad.

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