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The Discussion of Friedrich List’s Productivity Theory

Author ZhouYing
Tutor ZhangChangTing
School Hebei University of Economics
Course Western Economics
Keywords productivity theory trade protection national economy moderately open
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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First, the concept of Liszt’s productivity is based on a comparison of the source of wealthand wealth itself raised. Liszt that a person might have wealth, that exchange value, but if hedoes not have the capacity to produce more value, he will gradually become poorer; onemight very poor, but if he mastered the ability to produce more ability to value, he willbecome rich. A development of the productive forces of the country, Listeria has a uniqueperspective. He believes that the degree of development of the country, depending on thecountry have, as a source of wealth in the degree of development of the productive forces. So,national productivity and backward in order to quickly develop the productive forces,advanced countries to achieve the level of productivity, rather than keep pace, even morethan their productivity level, at this stage we should impose trade protection policies, on theone hand the introduction of advanced productive forces, on the one hand to protect theirinfant industries, until after the country achieved a qualitative leap in productivity, then freetrade with foreign countries. Liszt’s trade protection, more is to promote the use of nationallaws and tariffs means to intervene in the economy, he criticized Smith ignored theimportance of state intervention.At present, economic globalization is slapping our national economy, our nationaleconomy has willy-nilly, with no option to incorporate an open and integrated world economy.But how to get the road open, is consciously and proactively active opening, or passive,passive, helpless to open? The theme is open to maintain a limited temporary protection, or toprotect the base point, select a limited tentative opening, or is it something else mode, this isindeed a very significant problem.This paper complete the study ofthrough four chapters.The first chapter is the introduction, this chapter introduces the research background,significance and research status at home and abroad. It also describes the contents andstructure of the system in this paper, and make a note on the innovation of this paper andshortcomings. The second chapter introduces the main contents of Liszt productivity theory and othertheories of Listeria in productivity derived based on the theory put forward by: tradeprotection theory, on the stage of economic development, industrialization theory and role ofthe state. Liszt productivity theory as the basis of economics, trade protection theory, stagetheory of economic development, industrialization and the role of the state is based on thetheory of productivity based on the theory put forward, Liszt these economics provides animportant time for the rise in Germany theory and practice support.The third chapter is thinking of Liszt productivity theory, which is the main part of thepaper describes the background of Liszt productivity theory generated ideological origins andphilosophical foundation, the second part describes the era of its theoretical significance andtheory arising meaning, the third part analyzes the theoretical thinking was the role of theGerman economy and the impact on the later theory scholars, the fourth part of Liszt’sproductivity theory.The fourth chapter describes the Liszt productivity theory of practical significance forChina, proposed a modest open view. The main three-pronged elaborate, first described overan open status and adverse consequences, followed by a moderate elaborate open content, andfinally explain the meaning and role of moderately open. Specifically asked foreign economicpolicy in developed countries face in today’s world calls for economic liberalism, but inreality for the protection of selfish economic development in the region, have a firmtheoretical basis to protect the national economy developed steadily.

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