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Deng Xiaoping’s Inheritance and Development on Mao Zedong’s Economic Thought

Author ZhangYan
Tutor FengLaiGui
Course Marxism in China
Keywords Mao Zedong Deng Xiaoping Economic Thought South Talks
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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South Talks is the quintessence of Deng Xiaoping Theory. It is not only the symbol ofthe formation of Deng Xiaoping Theory Scientific System, but the manifestation ofSocialist Theory with Chinese Characteristics’ being mature and systematic. In this paperSouth Talks was deemed as the basis to probe into the inheritance and development whichDeng Xiaoping did to Mao Zedong Thought. This paper chose four aspects abouteconomic construction for comparative study which was mentioned in South Talks:Evaluation Criterion, Operating Mechanism, Value Objective, and System Guarantee. Thenoted “Three Benefits” norm was put forward in Deng Xiaoping’s South Talks, whichenriched and developed the practice criterion and productivity standard that he raisedbefore, meanwhile, it was in accordance with the practice criterion, principle of seekingtruth from facts, principle of the masses, this change also reflects the value pursuit fromgeneral to specific angle. Deng Xiaoping’s Socialism Market Economic Theory was relatedto Mao Zedong’s Thoughts of Commodity Economy, and it also made new breakthroughfrom it. Deng Xiaoping creatively present a series of brand new thoughts and ideas on thebasis of Mao Zedong’s exploration on market-oriented economy and the fundamentalsystem of socialist economy, which deepened the reformation of economic system,provided profound enrichment and development for Mao Zedong Thought. Commonprosperity was the ambition that Mao and Deng both pursued, compared with Mao’scommon prosperity thought, Deng made it more rational and scientific in both realizationapproach and aim. The emphasis of our country’s socialist ownership reformation is theunderstanding of non-public ownership’s position and function. Our country hasexperienced2institutional change, from “highly centralized unitary public ownership” ofthe first generation leadership, to”public ownership playing the dominant role, variousforms of ownership mutually develop” of the second generation leadership. Thistransformation reflects a better understanding which our party has for the essence of socialism, it also proves the consecutively exploration that our party has on how toconstruct socialism economy. Socialist construction is a consistent and developing process,we are at the request of correctly understanding the relationship between Mao ZedongThought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, so as to supply the development and modification ofsocialist theoretical system with Chinese characteristics with enlightment and reference.

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