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Philosophical Study on the System of Marx’s Economic Category

Author JiangChunRong
Tutor ShuYuanZhao
School Hunan Normal University
Course The philosophy of Marxism
Keywords Marx Economic category Materialism Dialectics Upside down
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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In recent years, more and more scholars pay attention to the intrinsic relationship between Marxian philosophy and political economics thoughts. It has gone mainstream to find the intrinsic unity in Marx’s philosophy and political economics thoughts. The system of Marx’s economic category is the important bridge between his philosophy and political economics theories. Therefore, researching the system of Marx’s economic category has far-reaching meaning on comprehensive understanding of Marx’s philosophy.The system of Marx’s economic category has lots of profound philosophical connotations, So it can be reviewed from multiple angles, such as materialism and dialectics. The materialism study on the system of Marx’s economic category completes by revealing the materialism in the economic category theory. Economic category is the theoretical performance of production relations. The emergence and the development of Economic category depend on the changes of the Production relations. However, Economic category has objective and other features. Marx derived materialism which in the economic category system by criticizing Proudhon’s idealist economic category system and Hegel’s idealist logical category system.The dialectics study on the system of Marx’s economic category is mainly through analyzing dialectical thought in the theory of economic category. Marx had proved that economic category has the characters of timeliness and historical by using dialectical method. And he had described the historical evolution process of the economic category is from "the simple category" up to "more specific category". In Marx’s economic category theory, there is a fundamental element of dialectics. The dialectic is manifested in the process of criticizing Proudhon, Hegel and other philosophers’metaphysical theory.There is a question for further instructions in Marx’s economic category theory. It is why the sequence of economic category Marx described is not coincide with the historical sequence of economic category. The sequence of Categorical "upside down" historically is a scientific and reasonable. This reversal is determined by the environment of Marx. And this contradiction was derived through scientific and reasonable method.It is a new perspective to demonstrate the unity in Marx’s political economics and philosophy by doing a philosophical study on the system of Marx’s economic category.

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