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Study on Income Distribution in China from the Perspective of Marx’s Theory of Social Justice Theory

Author WeiYuHao
Tutor ZhaoXiaoLei
School Shanxi Normal University
Course Marxism in China
Keywords social justice income distribution cause countermeasures
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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A reasonable relationship between income and distribution is closely associated with justice of the society and people’s personal interests. Equity is the core of coordinating the relationship between income distribution, at present, the problem of Income distribution also is equity. This paper uses the method of literature review, logical analysis method and descriptive research method etc, from the perspective of Marx’s theory of social justice theory, makes some analysis and demonstration in the equitable issue of income distribution in China.This study followed the idea of Marx’s theory--social justice which have important significance to promote equitable develop income distribution of our country. By following the thought of "raising problems, analyzing problems and solving problems", under the guidance of social justice theory of Marx, this thesis analyzes China’s current situation of income distribution. Then from the perspective of social justice theory of Marx to further reveal the reason and put forward countermeasures.This thesis is divided into five parts. The first part is introduction,expatiate the purpose and significance, the domestic and overseasresearch status and methods at home and abroad of this thesis. In thesecond part, this thesis is try to define the relevant concepts ofsocial equity and income distribution, and expound the structure andevaluation standard of social justice. In the third part, this thesisexplains the main content of social justice theory of Marx, and mainlyexplains its connotation. Combine with its theoretical value todiscuss the relationship between this theory and the coordination ofChina’s income distribution. In the fourth part, the author analyzes thepresent situation and causes of China’s income distribution from theperspective of social equity theory, and the focus is the causes. In thefifth part, according to these reasons, the author puts forward thereasonable path to promote our country’s income distribution have aequitable development.We should treat the problem of income distribution in ourcountry objectively. This is determined by the level of developmentof social productive forces at the primary stage of socialism.To improve the level of social productivity is the basic foothold forpromoting the equitable income distribution. Only uphold theguidance of social justice theory of Marx and take effective measures can we promote the equitable development of China’sincome distribution.

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