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Re-research of Marx’s Economic Crisis Theory

Author HuZuo
Tutor YangHuanJin
School Hebei University of Economics
Course Political Economics
Keywords The economic crisis Marx’s economic crisis the market economy thesystem of capitalism
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Marx’s research of capitalist economic crisis spread in many important work of Marx,these theories are dispersed in the form, but on the logic is coherent and into the system. Forexample, the possibility and necessity of the economic crisis of capitalism, the capitalisteconomic crisis at the root of the discourse, characteristics, nature and Marx for theacceleration of credit to expand production and reinforcement of the stagnation of production,etc, in the form is distributed, but on the logic is coherent and into the system.In this paper, the root of the economic crisis of capitalism, Marx believed that the basiccontradiction of capitalism system is the root and it cause of the outbreak, which shows thecommon overproduction of economic crisis, and has the characteristics of periodic. The heartof the crisis of capitalism, Marx once researched does not lose interpretation of realitybecause of the time. In2007, subprime crisis from the USA further development became themost serious post-war capitalist economic crisis at a time, in this crisis, despite a lot of timewith different characteristics of the economic crisis, the root cause of the economic crisis hasnot changed, Marx is into the capitalist system itself, from the most basic, the most essentialaspects to search to the root cause of the capitalist economic crisis.This article attempts to the relevant expositions of Marx about the economic crisis ofcapitalism systematically comb, form a relatively complete Marx economic crisis theory maincontent, and on this basis, develop the main content of Marx economic crisis theoryrespectively either in theory for further reading, or in combination with practice to reinterpretthe value of Marx economic crisis theory, to form their re-recognition of Marx economiccrisis theory.Marx economic crisis theory can stand the test of practice. It is not only forpeople to see the capitalist economic crisis and a mirror of the capitalist mode of production,it also contributes to the socialist market economy in China.

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