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The Actuality and Perspective Study on the Development and Utilization of Oil Sands in Junggar Basin, Xinjiang Province

Author HanZhiQiang
Tutor WuQun
School Nanjing Agricultural College
Course Public Administration
Keywords Oil and gas resources Oil sands Development and utilization of Status and prospects Junggar Basin Xinjiang
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2011
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Oil and gas resources are important energy minerals and strategic resources, which are closely relevant to national economy, social development and national security. They are directly related to the realization of constructing a harmonious society. The central government attach importance to the field of petroleum resources,make resources protection one of basic national policies and write several instructions on the work of petroleum resourcesIn recent years, the supply and demand situation of petroleum resources in China is becoming more severe. With the high international oil price, the domestic import oil increases. The net import oil in 2009 was 204 million tons and increased by 14% and the external dependence degree was 52%. It is necessary to strengthen the exploration and reasonable utilization of petroleum resources to guarantee the energy security and national economy. Oil sands are a kind of unconventional petroleum resources and effective supplement to conventional petroleum resources. The exploration and development of oil sands is concerning all over the world and plenty of manpower and materials are invested in the field.China has abundant oil sands resources, mainly distributing in Xinjiang province, Qinghai, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Tibet and Zhejiang province. The development of oil sands in China is in the experimental stage. With the high oil price in the recent years, oil companies, research institutes and private enterprises pay attention to the investigation, exploration and development of oil sands.Pass the condition progress to distribute the condition and tapping take advantage of to oil sand resource quantity in world analysis, know that the oil sand is in the world resource prolific there are Canada, the former Soviet Union, venezuela, Lagos and the United States etc. in the nation.Among them, Canada is global the nation in the oil sand resource quantity’s maximum, is also tapping make use of the most advanced nation, it mature of production technique, perfect ladder of managements be all worth our studying and draw lessons from.Being comprehensive is above of the analysis can discover, Xinjiang preparation Junggar the oil sand resource of the basin develop the foreground is very considerable.In order to carry out commerce to mine to lay solid foundation its amount of resource of prolific oil sand, full argument technique feasibility and economic feasibility, also full to satisfy the condition that the commerce mines.The operate of next move is mainly the oil sand that aims at different tasty to carry on a system sort and propose a related rational exploitation suggestion and lower cost of winning thus, can also raise the recovery factor of oil sand oil.Ten suggestions are provided in order to further develop the industry of oil sands in Xinjiang province, according to the experiences in the world and the exploration and development situation in China.1. Program the good long shot development of object; 2. Strengthen the exploration of oil sands and improve the understanding of formation regularity of oil sands; 3. Frame relevant technology standards and perfect the management of oil sands; 4. Create perfect think factory; 5. Draw up a related technique standard, perfect oil sand resource supervision; 6. Stand the constrained law and useful administration interfere; 7. The reasonable tapping makes use of and protect ecoenvironment; 8. Develop outward a consortium, intensify technology import; 9. Provide the policy support to develop and utilize the oil sands; 10. Actively develop education and publicity operate

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