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Study on Marx’s Credit Theory and Improvement of the Credit System of Smes in China

Author WuYuLong
Tutor ZhuTuanQin
School Zhejiang Technology and Business University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Marx’s credit theory credit system of SMEs improvement
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2014
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Credit——an important term in human civilization, has been with the progress and development of the entire human society, and permeated all areas of human life. With the development of the commodity and currency, credit appeared in the relations of production as a sector of the economy, played a unique role. Through carefully studying the history materials of the capitalistic credit system of the British in19th century, Marx revealed the economic nature of the credit which hid behind the capitalistic mode of production with his extraordinary wisdom. On the basis of critical absorption of many economists’ credit theories, Marx established his credit theory which runs through historical materialism and materialistic dialectics. As an important part of Marxist political economics, Marx’s Credit Theory has its unique glory, and deserves to be researched.In the modern commodity economy, the function of credit is more and more prominent. In a sense, the market economy is the credit economy. The soundness of the credit system is closely related to the sustainable development of society and economy. SMEs in China’s economy play a pivotal role. But the plight of the survival of SMEs is also an objective existence and financing difficulties become a bottleneck in the development of them. The situation is various and the reasons are complex. The study suggests that the imperfection of the credit system of SMEs is the main reason which leads the dilemma and makes the enterprises can’t effectively use credit means to develop themselves. Building and improving the credit system will effectively alleviate the financing difficulties of SMEs in China, add vitality to the development of SMEs.The scientificalness and expansibility of Marx’s credit theory determine that it has indelible value in the development of the modern society. It has guiding significance in the process of improving the credit system of SMEs. By reading "Das Kapital" and other Marxist economic classic literature, the study researches the topic from four parts. The first part is about the main contents of Marx’s credit theory. The second part discusses the nature, character and significance of our socialistic credit. The third part explores the credit reasons of the dilemma of SMEs from a credit perspective. The last part attempts to give some advices for building and improving the credit system of SMEs under the guidance of Marx’s credit theory.

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