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Marx’s Theory of Economic Crisis and China Economic Cycle Fluctuation

Author ShangFeng
Tutor LinMeiQing
School Shandong Agricultural University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Economic crisis Capitalism The economic cycle Socialism
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The global economic crisis triggered by subprime mortgage crisis of U.S., and thenquickly spread to the whole world, the global capital markets and the world economy, politics,culture has caused considerable impact. The crisis brought about by the destructive andprofound lessons is enough to make all countries’ attention, and makes Marx’s economiccrisis theory has got extensive attention again. The scientific prediction to the world of Marxabout the periodically outbreak of the capitalist economic crisis once again shows that theMarx’s theory of economic crisis is still one of the best explanation and influence of theworld in the history of economics.In this paper, under the new historical conditions, it reviews Marx’s theory of economiccrisis. After in-depth studying the analysis of the economic crisis in Marx’s books, itsummarizes its main points and a summary analytic model of the economic crisis theory, andmakes some attempt in integrality and consistently understanding Marx’s theory of economiccrisis. In the next place, based on the basic ideas of Marx’s economic crisis theory, itsystematically analyses the global economic crisis which triggered by the subprime mortgagecrisis of U.S. in2008, through the review of the current economic crisis, analyzes the form ofmodern capitalist economic crisis and the new characteristics, outlines deeply the specificreason and fundamental causes for the crisis, and further points out that the world economiccrisis is still an inevitable outcome of the capitalist basic contradiction, capitalism cannot getrid of the fate of the cyclical economic crisis. In addition, the economic crisis is the productsuffers from the co-existence of commodity economy and market economy, so in the primarystage of socialism of China exist cyclical economic fluctuation, and even when reach certainconditions can also cause the economic crisis. Based on the guidance of Marx’s economiccrisis theory, the thesis applies the basic viewpoints of Marxist contact and the development toanalyze problems, starting from the reality, combines the actual conditions of our country’sreform and opening up and economic growth, analyzes the possibility of economic crisisexisting in the process of economic operation and the social elements of transformation of the economic crisis from possibility to reality. With regard to the reality that the possibility ofeconomic crisis under the condition of socialist market economy, it discusses the issues ofChina socialist economic cyclical fluctuation, the economic fluctuation since1952is dividedinto ten complete economic cycles, and made detailed analysis for the characteristics andimplementation mechanisms of the economic fluctuation. Based on deeply thinking to Marx’stheory of economic crisis and the current crisis, the author gets lots of enlightenment, andputs forward the feasible countermeasures that further prevent and avoid the economic crisisin the new period of our country should adopt.

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