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A Study on Marx’s of Theory of Technological Progress

Author WuWenFeng
Tutor HeZiLi
School Nankai University
Course Political Economics
Keywords Marx Technological progress Production relations Technologicalalienation Mechanism
CLC F091.91
Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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With the rapid development of technology, the application of new technologies has an increasingly significant impact on the development of human society. Technological progress has been widespread concerned in various countries and various scholars. However, the existing theories on technological progress not only don’t form a complete theoretical system, but also their perspective is very narrow. It is difficult to make a scientific explanation and provide effective guidance to the actual technological progress by them. On the contrary, Marx’s research method is a scientific and his perspective is broad in the study of technological progress, so his theory has vitality even in the contemporary. In addition, technological progress theory has a very important position in Marx’s theoretical system. Therefore, it has a very important practical and theoretical significance to study Marx’s theory of technological progress.Based on the careful collation of the text of Marx, the thesis studies systematically the ideas of Marx technological progress by the following methods: text interpretation methods, dialectical materialism methods, historical materialism methods, comparative analysis methods. By digging a lot of discussion about technology in Marx text, the thesis extracts the ideas implied in these discussions and reveals their inherent logical link, builds a basic framework of the Marx’s theory of technological progress, riches and develops Marx’s theoretical system to a certain extent. Based on the interaction between technological progress and the relations of production as the main clue, the paper first analyzes carefully the technology and technological progress in the field of Marx’s vision, and then, studies deeply the mechanism of technological progress. Finally, this thesis elaborates in detail the impact of technological progress to the development of human society from five aspects. By this study, on the one hand, to clarify some controversial ideas to Marx about the role of technological progress, on the other hand, to highlight the vitality and scientific of Marx’s theory of technological progress.The thesis has eight chapters. Chapter one is the introduction. Its main objective is to indicate the possibility, necessity and realistic on study of Marx’s theory of technological progress, to analyze the present research status on this topic, to generalize research methods, main content, innovative points and shortage. The second chapter is about technical and technological progress. This chapter analyzes the connotation, characteristics and types of both technical and technological progress, and laids a theoretical foundation for subsequent research. Chapter three is about the mechanism of technological progress. This chapter examines the mechanism of technological progress from the following three aspects:the main body of technological progress, the source and power of technological progress, and influence factors of technical progress. Chapter four focuses on the impact of technological progress on value formation and value proliferation. Based on description the basic concept of Marx’s labor value theory, this part analyzes the different roles of the technical and skilled labor in value formation and the value proliferation, discusses the complex relationship between technological progress and capitalist economic crisis, and points out that the capitalist economy will be catastrophic crash in the motivation of technological progress. Chapter five focuses on technical progress and economic development. This chapter examines the impact of technological progress on economic development from four perspectives of economic growth, wealth creation, economic structural change and economic globalization. Chapter six focuses on technological progress and social development. First, this part describes Marx’s main point about the law of social development, the power of social system change, and the role limits of technological progress for the promotion of social development. Then, this chapter analyzes the mechanism of action and the role of the limits of technological progress in the process of promoting the development of the productive forces, labor way of innovation, productive relations change.from the perspective of historical materialism. Finally, this part analyzes the mechanism of action of technological progress to promote capitalism development and demise. Chapter seven is about technological progress and ecological environment. Beganning with Marx’s analysis of the relationship between human and nature, the chapter explores the relationship between technological progress and the deterioration of the ecological environment, analyzes the way of technological progress to improve the ecological environment and its role limits. Chapter eight focuses on technological progress and human development. First, this chapter describes the view of other scholars on the relationship between technological progress and human development. Next, this part discusses in detail the great role of technological progress in the process of human development, focuses on the negative impact of technological alienation to human development. Finally, the artical explains the connotation of Marx on the full and free development of human, and points out that technological progress is a powerful lever and necessary way to achieve this goal.

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