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The industrial capital and financial capital: Marx's theory of financial crisis

Author LiZuo
Tutor HuLiFa
School Yangzhou University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords Marx Industrial capital financial crisis
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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America’s financial crisis in2008, has brought the world economy, some European countries still haven’t come out of the crisis shadow. The financial crisis broke out again, it has again become the focus of research.Current academic research about the financial crisis is immense, but there is still some shortage. For example, the academic achievements about the relationship between industrial capital and financial capital of the financial crisis from Marx is less, even though some scholars have studied.It is not comprehensive.From Marx, there is the relationship between the industrial capital and financial capital, whether from the Angle of currency development, or from the perspective of interest-bearing capital and credit, financial capital is based on the development of industrial capital and independent of industrial capital. Under the different forms and at different economic cycle between financial accumulation of capital and industry capital accumulation sometimes is not consistent and sometimes it is consistent. Healthy development of the financial capital is to promote industrial capital to expand reproduction.Based on the mutual relationship between industrial capital and financial capital, on the basis of Marx’s thought, The accumulation of financial capital more than the accumulation of industry demand for capital, virtual capital independent of industry capital movement caused by proliferation of illusion and the excessive expansion of financial capital to industrial capital produced crowding out effect is bound to cause the financial crisis.Finance in economic development plays a very important role in the process, the financial capital of moderate development is not only beneficial to avoiding financial risks, and can promote the healthy development of real economy. In order to avoid a repeat of the U.S. financial crisis in China, we need to correct understanding of the essence of financial capital, actual demand and the false needs, industry cycle. Based on this, we will adhere to and improve the system of socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics, and we should vigorously encourage the development of industry capital thus provided a basis for development of financial capital.We also should strengthen financial regulation at the same time, encourage the moderate development of t financial capital and avoid the happening of the financial crisis.

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