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The new development of Marx's theory of income distribution in the contemporary China

Author WangJin
Tutor FuYuZhong
School Yangzhou University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords income distribution distribution according to work reform and openness fairand efficient
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Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Marx’s income distribution theory is established on the basis of scientific labor theory of value and distribution according to work as the core, critically inherited and developed the Adam Smith and David Ricardo, who admitted that material wealth comes mainly from Labor. Reveals that the labor and the commonness of content on the one hand, on the other hand shows that the labor and the difference of content, in order to establish the theory of income distribution of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and pointed out the direction, provides a theoretical basis. In the tide of economic globalization, science and technology is the first productive force, and the laborer is one of the core elements. Laborer quality enhancement, the liberation of labor protection has become the21st century, the most important symbol, the knowledge economy era has come, to become the world’s recognized as the most precious and most part of the core and potential’s greatest resource. From pay more attention to the effect of factors of production in the economic development, to emphasize the role of labor in the economic development, is an epochal progress; economics is also the result of the productivity of the world economy element to layout.In Marx’s thought on the basis of income distribution, suitable for China’s actual needs and income distribution theory, accord with the historical development trend, meets the trend of the development of the economics, to meet the needs of China’s economic and social development, is a has the important theory value and practice value of the work. Reform of the income distribution system is related to the vital interests of current affairs. Adhere to common development, sharing achievement, pay attention to efficiency, maintain justice, market regulation, government regulation, positive and to, follow the principle of signals, the adjustment of income distribution structure and scientific development. To increase the prosperous common people especially improve the income of low-income groups as the most urgent task, to speed up the first time and again distribution system reform, highlight the drive adjustment by incremental reform and promote social harmony in the common prosperity. This paper is divided into four parts:The first part:elaborated the basic content of Marxist theory of income distribution. Include to the source and formation, premising of Marx’s theory of income distribution, connotation, as well as to the income distribution theory of Marx, Lenin on the development of distribution according to work, according to work of Stalin in the Soviet union socialist practice to carry out the principle of distribution according to work and distribution according to his thought.The second part:The evolution of the income distribution system. Mainly comprises of the income distribution system reform and opening up the performance, features and drawbacks, income distribution in China since reform and opening up institutional change experienced stage in China since reform and opening up the characteristics of the evolution of the income distribution system reform and opening up a new pattern of income distribution.The third part:reveals the communist party of China since the reform and opening up, the theory innovation of the income distribution. Mainly includes the actual and common prosperity thought, as the main body of distribution according to work and a variety of new theory of socialist distribution to work that assign means to coexist, combination of distribution according to work and by allocation of factor of production, The dialectical unity of fairness and efficiencyThe fourth part:put forward some Suggestions on the reform of the income distribution system in our country.

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