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The Study on Consumption Alienation in the Perspective of Marx’s Alienation Thought

Author WuJingYing
Tutor ZhaoHuiQiang
School Northwest Normal University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords consumption alienation consumption alienation route ofelimination
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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The labor theory of alienation is gradually founded on the basis of the Hegelian Spiritual alienation thought, Feuerbach’s humanism thought and Classical economists alienation thought, which Marx critically inherited. The formation of Marxist labor alienation thought embodies the complete spirit of materialism. He not only imported the essence of predecessors alienation thinking, but also combined closely his own knowledge structure with the social background at that time, and further enriched and developed the alienation thought and make it more mature. Marx’s theory of labor alienation has indeed realized the humanitarian and the unity of the historical materialism.This thesis discusses the formation and development of Karl Marx’s thought on labor alienation and demonstrates how the western Marxist’s theory of consumer alienation influences Marx’s alienation of thought. The labor alienation is an expansion of Marx’s labor theory of alienation by the western Marxists. In this study, the author analyzes the viewpoint by Frankfurt school and ecology Marxists who criticized the social consumption alienation phenomenon and its serious consequences. Based on this analysis, the author discusses the root causes of consumption dissimilation, its essence and its harmfulness combined with consumption structure and consumption level which change the reality of the environment since china’s reform and opening up. There is no doubt that the new technology promotes the human society productivity unprecedentedly. But at the same time, with the development of society and economy, increasingly tough market problems, commodity elements in the field of material and spirit of accumulation penetrated increasingly in the economic life and ideology of human society which focus on the problems in the sustainable development of human society. At present, the consumption alienation has become an indisputable fact in the field of consumption which states that consumption is no longer meet people’s normal needs but in order to meet the self desires. Thus the people’s consumption activities become contrary to the substantive consumption and the alienation of consumption concept and consumption behavior come into beings.With the development of economic globalization, consumerism has become more prevalent in our country. Consumers in the day-to-day consumer activities have widely exhibited all kinds of the non-rational, non-normal consumption. These unreasonable consumption alienation phenomena are the concrete manifestation of the Marx’s alienation thought in the field of consumption in today’s society. In our country, the consumer alienation phenomenon is mainly embodied as the followings: Ostentatious symbolic consumption, extravagant consumption and waste consumption deorbit sexual, among which Ostentatious symbols consumer phenomenon especially stand out in our daily life. The consumer alienation phenomenon caused people’s forming of a wrong value of life, making people embody mental numbness and emptiness in the process of endless worship and pursuit of material comfort, thus distorting the happiness of life and having a negative impact on China’s spiritual civilization. Meanwhile, this alienation is ubiquitous and has great influence on our country’s ecological environment construction from the two basic link in the production and consumption. The Consumption Alienation, wasting the natural resources and polluting the environment, is an important factor for the environmental crisis in the human sustainable development. This non-green unsustainable consumption have been a serious impediment to China’s economic development pattern. Therefore, in order to eliminate the harm consumer alienation brought to us, and make it alter to a green and sustainable consumption pattern by which human can be in harmony with nature and our economy can develop placidly and rapidly, the author pose the methods and ways to solve the problem by the following ways: creating a good consumer environment, promoting a civilized, rational consumption concept, establishing a people-oriented consumer concept, vigilance symbol to rule the people, focusing on harmonious development of material consumption and the spirit of consumer, strengthening media publicity supervision, guiding the rational consumer, advocating resource conservation, as well as strengthening the guidance and management of the government.

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