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The Evolution of Marx’s Concept of Capital and Its Realistic Tension

Author AiBo
Tutor WangLi
School Tianjin Normal University
Course Scientific socialism and international communist movement
Keywords Marx Concept of Capital Historical Materialism
CLC F091.91
Type Master's thesis
Year 2013
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Marx’s concept of capital is a complex process through the beginning, the development and the maturity. The process not only means the deepening process of Marx, but also indicates the improvement of methodology. In this way, it can be said, the development of Marx’s concept of capital and the maturity of Marx’s methodology are at the same time.Firstly, Marx’s concept of capital depends on the discovery of the viewpoint of practice. This process is to start from the critique of Hegel’s idealism, to the criticism of the old materialism of Feuerbach and all ideologies of Deutsche with a new materialism formation, historical materialism.Secondly, with the discovery of the viewpoint of practice, Marx has started to think about the essence of object history. After the completion of the Critique of Hegel’s idealist conception of history, Marx inspired by the economics of capitalism, and started looking for the essence of history from the economic facts. In this process, Marx found that his new materialist philosophy was different from any kind of philosophy, so he decided to liquidate all of the German philosophy and raised the historical materialism. Marx started to expose the essence of history. With the improvement of the level of economics, Marx has diverted his attention from the materialized of the social exchange relationship to the specific economic phenomena in the real economic life. Marx revealed the nature of capitalism deeply based on objective economic facts. It means the completion of critique of capitalism.Finally, Marx’s concept of capital contains rich connotation. It indicates whatever the changing of capitalism, as long as the nature of capitalism unchanged, capitalism will be directed to the collapse for its internal contradictions. The significance of this conclusion is not only to capitalist countries but also to socialist countries for its realistic tension.

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