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Study of Improvement on the Income Distribution Mechanism of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics

Author YuanZhu
Tutor QiXiaoAn
School Northeast Normal University
Course The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords the socialism with Chinese characteristics income distribution income distribution mechanism
CLC F124.7
Type PhD thesis
Year 2013
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China’s reform of the economic system since1978, began with the reform ofincome distribution mechanism, adjustment of interest structure, and strengtheningthe material incentives for both the economic entity and individual, during the30years reform and opening up, the income distribution mechanism has been playing apositive role in the process of economic development, the disposable income ofresidents has been greatly increased, the living conditions have been improvedsignificantly.But at the same time, a series of problems have occurred in respect offairness of income distribution results caused by the current distribution mechanism:the income distribution gap is continuously increasing, the problems of unbalancedincrease in the income distribution, unfair distribution of income, grey income,monopoly income, illicit income, etc. are deteriorating, all these are posing a seriousthreat to the sustained and stable development of society. How to improve the incomedistribution mechanism of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and how to achievea certain degree of fairness in the pursuit of efficiency, is becoming a major issue tobe solved.On the principles of Marxism and scientific development concept, this articlewill scientifically define the connotation and relevant theories of the incomedistribution mechanism of socialism with Chinese characteristics, analyze thedevelopment history, current status, the defectives and its causes of our country’sincome distribution mechanism, and stipulate the measures to improve the incomedistribution mechanism of socialism with Chinese characteristics, with reference tothe typical income distribution mechanism of developed countries and developingcountries.This article is composed of6parts.The first part is the introduction: describing the background, significance of thestudy; the research content, structure arrangement and methods; the innovation,difficulties and problems in the study.The second part mainly elaborates the concept and related theories of improving incomedistribution mechanism of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Firstly, interpreting theconcepts of improving the income distribution mechanism of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics. Secondly, inducing the income distribution theories relevant to improving the income distribution mechanism of Chinese characteristics socialism,including those of classical Marxist writers, western scholars and our country’sleaders.The third part analyzes the formation, evolution and problems of China’s incomedistribution mechanism. Firstly, describing the evolution and characteristics of China’sincome distribution mechanism.Secondly, analysing the current situation of China’s incomedistribution mechanism. Thirdly, analyzing the problems of our county’s current incomedistribution mechanism in view of its main body, operating method and operating field.The fourth part analyzes the four reasons of defects in China’s currentincome distribution mechanism: urban and rural dual social structure, the underdevelopedmarket economy system, the delayed politic system reform and the lack of the thirddistribution development.The fifth part analyses the income distribution mechanism of sometypical developed countries and developing countries, and the enlightenment to ourcountry. The income distribution system of US, Japan, Sweden, Brazil and India willbe researched and analyzed.The sixth part submits proposal to improve the income distribution mechanismof socialism with Chinese characteristics: i. achieving urban and rural integration,realizing the fair competition between the urban and rural residents, ii. Improving themarket economy system, realizing the market distribution function, iii. Deepening thereform of political system, v. Restructuring the third distribution, improving theincome distribution mechanism.

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